This is it, the final level (Not really, there’s bonus levels!). Ride the gondola down to a rooftop that is being bombarded with fireballs. Defeat the Fire Bro and get the Super Bell from the ? Block then climb up to the end of the building. Drop off the bottom-right side to find Green Star #1 then climb up and into the Clear Pipe, launching over to the next area.

Avoid the Fire Bros. and fireballs and drop down to the ledge for a Star (right).

There’s another Super Bell on this way past the Cat Goombas, grab it if you need. Leap onto the moving platforms where Bullies guard the way forward. Defeat all four by knocking them down to spawn Green Star #2 , you can also grab yet another Super Bell at the top of the platforms.

Knock all four Bullies off the rotating platforms for a Star (right).

Now run to the end of the platform and ride the gondola down. Approach the tower across the bridge to start the final battle.

Boss: Meowser

Bowser equips a Super Bell and transforms, now with the ability to climb walls like you do. Work your way up the scrolling tower, waiting for Bowser to pop out and climb around before progressing through the pipe and into the clouds. On the third layer you’ll find the Green Star Ring , so time it that the Cloud Platform moves towards you when you hit so you can make a beeline across then up for Green Star #3 .

Hop through the ring and grab all the green coins for a Star.

Wait for Meowser to climb by you the take the pipe to the top level. Rush up past the fireballs Meowser fires and hit the Red POW Block to temporarily defeat him. Grab the Green +Clock before entering the Clear Pipe then tag the Checkpoint Flag . Propel up using the Jump Panel and avoid cracks in the wall, Meowser has used a Double Cherry and pops out at multiple obvious places now. There are trapezes to aid in climbing up but with the Cat Suit it’s simple enough to climb from cloud to cloud. As you reach the top rush around the steps to find multiple Meowsers tossing fireballs but also a Super POW Block . Hit this thing four times to send Meowser flying away.

Avoid the Meowsers as you climb the tower (left). At the top, hit the Super POW Block (right).

Take the clear pipe to the Goal Pole area then climb the tree for the Stamp before finally freeing all the Sprixie Princess’ and saving Sprixie Kingdom.

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