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Wasteland Shines

Jarrod Garripoli

There are a total of 35 Shines not associated with any of the actual islands in the game. Some will be available as you progress on the main islands, but some won’t be available until you clear the main story, which happens after defeating Fury Bowser upon collecting 50 Shines. Since the map is mostly divided into three separate areas, the extra Shines will also be divided into those areas, too. This page will deal with all of the Shines in the Wasteland Giga Bell region.

Surprise Prizefight

A Coin Coffer is hiding in between the two big blocks

From Crisp Climb Castle, take the large ramp up to the upper section of the map and follow the trail of gold coin rings, as if you were first making your way over to the Giga Bell. Right before the first ramp, there is a path to the side that brings you to a small island with a purple switch. Do a Ground Pound to start another small arena battle, against Cat Goombas and a Spike. The sneaky little thing that might be stopping the Shine from spawning is the Coin Coffer, which is normally invisible. It will be hiding in between the blocks, so do a Ground Pound to get a glimpse as to its location. None of the enemies are difficult and once you defeat them all, you will unlock another Cat Shine.

Jump and Thump in the Clouds

From the previous Shine, continue following the water trail until you start encountering Splounders, which are the pink balloon-like enemies you can bounce off of with Plessie. There is a path off to the side here that leads to a small island, with some Biddybuds circling a bunch of wooden crates. Those crates are hiding a red Jump Pad, which can launch you to some invisible cloud platforms and a cloud cannon. The bonus area you are lead to is similar to the other ones, where you have to defeat all of the enemies while traversing a linear little course, with the help of some Super Stars.

You don’t need the Stars to actually get the Shine at the end, as you can use conventional means of defeating the enemies. Note that you should be extra careful to make sure you defeat all enemies in an area before moving onto the next one, as some spots don’t allow you to go back. Once you defeat all of the enemies, the Cat Shine will be waiting at the end.

Spin, Scramble, Shine

You will want to use the other two pillars to get to the raised one that contains the Shine

When you’re finished with the previous Shine, jump over the nearby ramp in the main area and look for a small island with a wheel on it. Note that you will need the Cat Suit in order to interact with the wheel, so hunt down a Super Bell if you don’t have one in storage. Swipe at the wheel to turn it, making a tower rise out of the ground in the near distance. Once it stops, quickly climb the other two pillars and the one that rose to reach the Cat Shine.

Toad Brigade: Hot Pursuit

Travel to Mount Magmeow and make your way to the summit of the mountain. Once you’re up there, look over the one side in the back portion to see a Toad Brigade member being harassed by a Conkdor. Drop down and roll into the brick below the Conkdor to get rid of it, freeing the Toad and netting another Cat Shine.

Gazing Down at Lava

(1 of 2) You can one of the missing Toads being harassed by a Conkdor at the summit of Mount Magmeow

You can one of the missing Toads being harassed by a Conkdor at the summit of Mount Magmeow (left), You can only board the moving flying island at the top of Magmeow (right)

You might find this Shine a little confusing, as it’s actually on a moving island in the sky. In order to get to this island, you will need to get to the top of Mount Magmeow. Stand on the smaller of the two peaks and wait for the island to come around to your position, noting you will need the Cat Suit to climb onto the island itself. Climb up the wooden plank when the island has finally lined up, and grab the Cat Shine right there.

Wasteland Rabbit Plays Tag

To the right of the entrance to Mount Magmeow will be a familiar sight, a rabbit sitting on a small island that will run away whenever you get close enough. It will go around Mount Magmeow, so be careful not to touch the sides of the mountain, as they are quite hot. Once you catch the rabbit, it will cough up a Cat Shine.

On the Floodgate’s Edge

Whenever you reached the upper portion of Lake Lapcat, you likely saw a giant wall with a bunch of Fury Blocks. You can actually get on top of this wall by heading to Pipe Path Tower and either using a Propeller Block or the Tanooki Suit to float down to it. You will want to do this, as the Cat Shine is found at the end of the large wall.

You can easily float down from the top of Pipe Path to the wall where you’ll find a Shine

Hurry! Slip to the Shine!

Travel to the entrance to Pipe Path Tower (the main gate) and board Plessie on the nearby dock. There will be a ring with Plessie’s image right in front of you, so pass through it to start a time trial. You will need to stay on the floating platforms for this one, as the entire course revolves around them. Don’t worry about the thinner platforms with all of Coin Rings, as they’re not needed. Once you reach the end in time, you will get another Cat Shine.

Footprint Free-for-all

Go to the platform with the Wasteland Giga Bell and in the bottom left corner of it (on the map), there will be a purple switch. Hitting it will cause another battle arena to appear, complete with Stingbies, Goombas in swimming rings, and Hammer Bros. There are POW Blocks placed around the arena, which you can use to easily dispatch more than one foe at a time. Other than the annoying Hammer Bros, the rest of the enemies are easy. Defeat them all and collect the Cat Shine that appears.

Lost Kittens in the Wasteland

On the island with the Wasteland Giga Bell, there is another mother cat that is looking for lost kittens, only it will be five this time. Once you have brought back all five, you will earn another Cat Shine.

  • Kitten #1 - You can find this kitten in the same area as the Giga Bell, on the western side of it (and a little south).

  • Kitten #2 - South of the Giga Bell, there is a long dock that has speed boost pads on it. You will find this kitten at the end of this dock.

  • Kitten #3 - Go to the entrance of Pipe Path Tower and you will see this kitten right next to the gate. Note that you can’t bring the kitten through the clear pipe, so you will have to walk on the pipe instead, so be extremely careful.

(1 of 5) The location of the first kitten

  • Kitten #4 - On the bottom portion of Risky Whisker Island, you can spot an alcove in the wall on the eastern side, which is where this kitten is hiding. You will need to use the ?-blocks nearby to get back up to the top, some of which will be invisible.

  • Kitten #5 - At the entrance to Mount Magmeow, you can see the arena where you fought the Prince Bully. There is a clear pipe underneath the platform, allowing you to reach the arena. The lost kitten will be right next to the lighthouse here, so grab it and jump down to the area below, then use one of the Switchboards to get back up to the Giga Bell area.

Gazing Over the Falls

In the bottom right corner of the area with the Wasteland Giga Bell, there are some Fury Blocks. You will need Bowser to destroy these to uncover a cannon, which will shoot you to a platform in the sky that has a spring on it. There are a multitude of these platforms with springs, so you will need to continually launch yourself to each one, until you reach the island with the Cat Shine. Of course, that’s what the game would have you do, but there are invisible cloud platforms the entire way, so you don’t really need to use the springs at all.

Shining on a Hidden Isle

In the southwest corner of the map, northwest of Roiling Roller Isle, there is a lone island that is blocked off by some of the black goop. While you can do some damage boosting to get past the goop, if you wait until Fury Bowser is awake, a ramp will appear that allows you to jump over the goop. Use Plessie to jump off the ramp and over the goop, then collect the Cat Shine on the small island.

(1 of 2) This goop is blocking the way to a Shine

This goop is blocking the way to a Shine (left), but a ramp will appear whenever Bowser is awake to make it easier to get to it (right)

Plessie Medal Master

Travel to Roiling Roller Isle and look by the docks to spot a Plessie medal. This starts off a chain, where you need to collect the medals before they disappear, culminating with a Shine. After the initial medal and the first real one, you will need to ditch Plessie and use the red Jump Pad to go to the landmass with the Giga Bell. There will be one more after that medal, then you will need to reboard Plessie in the waters past it. You will find one more medal in the water, then the Cat Shine will be after that.

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