Right from the start you’ll be faced with enemies, in this case it’s two Fire Bros. Defeat them and touch the sliding doors then the gong to summon a pipe. Clear a Boomerang Bro then a Goomba Tower. Around the corner through the doors is the first of five Key Coins , with Key Coin #1 placed underneath the steps.

Head back and ascend the steps to find two Hammer Bros. that should be taken out before grabbing Key Coin #2 . Hit the ? Block to get a Baseball that you can toss through the wall of Blurkers to hit the gong, likewise use a Boomerang. Ahead is a Fire Bro atop a Goomba Tower that needs to be defeated. Slide open the doors now and hit the gong to reveal sleeping Goombas and Key Coin #3 . Bring the baseball with you as you climb the steps then throw it into the clear pipe so you can safely acquire Green Star #1 .

Bring the baseball with and throw it into the clear pipe to clear the way to grab the first Star.

Behind the sliding doors is another Hammer Bro and spiked flooring, but also Key Coin #4 . Toss a Boomerang or make a well-timed run to claim it then continue right. Grab the Green +Clock then toss a baseball through the Blurkers and into the gong to reveal Key Coin #5 and unlock the Warp Box .

Outside, snag the Checkpoint Flag then head to the far right, avoiding the Green Star Ring for now. Acquire a Propeller Box then hit the Green Star Ring so you can quickly acquire all eight coins and Green Star #2 . Fly up on the left side to find a Warp Box that takes you to a bunch of coins and Green Star #3 . Now you can fly up to the Goal Pole, it moves but it’s easy to drop on top with a Propeller Box equipped.

Hop through the green ring and collect the coins for the first Star (left). Enter the warp box (right) to find the final Star.

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