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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury


Jarrod Garripoli

Controls for Bowser’s Fury

Basic Switch Controls

Controls Move
Left Analog Move
Right Analog Move camera
A/B Button Jump
Y/X (with Left Analog) Dash
R Button Use touch cursor
L Button Reset camera/touch cursor
ZL/ZR Crouch
Plus (+) Button Menu
Minus (-)/Right D-Pad Open map
Down D-Pad Snapshot Mode
Left D-Pad Amiibo
Up D-Pad Item Reserve

Advanced Controls

Move Controls
Hold item Press Y near item
Throw item Press Y while holding item
Spin Rotate Left Analog
Spin Jump Jump while spinning
Crouch Jump Crouch, then jump when Mario is shaking
Ground Pound Press Crouch button while in the air
Ground Pound Jump Crouch button while in the air, then Jump button when you hit the ground
Long Jump While moving, press Crouch + Jump buttons
Roll Hold crouch, then press X/Y
Really Long Jump During a Roll, press jump
Midair Roll While in midair, press ZL/ZR + B/A
Side Somersault While running, tilt Left Analog in opposite direction and jump
Wall Jump While touching a wall midair, press jump

Wii U Controls

Action Gamepad Wiimote Wiimote + Nunchuck
Crouch ZL B Z
Dash Y or X 1 B
Move Left Analog D-Pad Control Stick
Jump B or A 2 A
Pause + + +
Item - - -
Ground Pound ZL in air B in air Z in air
Bubble L A C

Guide Information

  • Publisher
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    Switch, Wii U
  • Genre
    Adventure, Platformer
  • Guide Release
    27 July 2014
  • Last Updated
    28 April 2021
    Version History
  • Guide Author
    Greg Boccia

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It’s a me Mario! Welcome to our guide for the latest (and perhaps greatest) iteration of Nintendo’s flagship franchise. Join Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad as they travel across 12 large worlds, take on a plethora of new and returning enemies, play around with an array of power-ups and take on some frustratingly difficult challenges alone or co-operatively with a friend or three. From start to end we have you covered!

Our Super Mario 3D World guide covers all the most important elements of the game including:

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