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One of the biggest features of Super Mario games have been the various power-ups you can use to help in your adventures. This ranges from the simple Super Mushroom, all the way to the neew power-up, the Super Bell. In Super Mario 3D World, you have three stages for your characters. Normally, you start out as the big version of your character and if you take damage, then you become a smaller version. Taking a hit while small will cause you to lose a life. Grabbing a power-up while big will transform you into a state related to that power-up. Remember that you can store one power-up away for later, which can be access by pressing the Up button on the directional pad.

(1 of 2) You will find most power-ups from ?-Blocks

You will find most power-ups from ?-Blocks (left), You can always store an extra power-up and access it via Up on the D-Pad (right)

Super Mushroom

The Super Mushroom will allow your character to turn from their small state and into a big state. This means that they will be able to take damage for one instance without losing a life. Most power-ups that you get from ?-Blocks are progressive ones, meaning if you’re small, then it will almost always be a Super Mushroom, instead of the better power-up.

Fire Flower

The Fire Flower grants the ability for your characters to throw fireballs from their hands. These fireballs can go a pretty decent distance, plus they will bounce off of walls and go through clear pipes. However, you are limited to only two or three on screen at once, and must wait until one of those disappears before being able to throw another.

(1 of 2) The Fire Flower is definitely the better of the two ranged power-ups

The Fire Flower is definitely the better of the two ranged power-ups (left), although the Boomerang Flower is great for packs of enemies (right)

Boomerang Flower

The other ranged power-up in the game, the Boomerang Flower allows your character to toss boomerangs at enemies. You can only have a single one out at a time, but the boomerang shoots out and comes back to you. The best thing about the Boomerang Flower, though, is that you can collect items with it, which is necessary in a few levels.

Super Leaf

The Super Leaf grants the Tanooki Suit to the character, which is a power-up from Super Mario Bros. 3. However, you cannot fly with it, like in that game. Instead, the Tanooki Suit allows you to float in the air and slow your descent while jumping. Additionally, you can attack enemies with your tail.

Super Star

This power-up is a bit scarce, as it grants temporary invincibility to your character. No enemies can hurt you in this state, although falling into lava, poison water, or a pit will still make you lose a life. Additionally, you will be able to run faster for the duration of the star, plus you will be able to defeat almost every enemy you touch.

(1 of 2) Super Stars are great for dealing with enemies that can’t normally be defeated

Super Stars are great for dealing with enemies that can’t normally be defeated (left), A Mega Mushroom allows you to bust through something like grey bricks (right)

Mega Mushroom

Collecting a Mega Mushroom will grant you the ability to become very large for a brief period of time. While super large, you will pretty much be invincible, as spikes and enemies won’t be able to harm you. However, similar to the Super Star, lava and pits will still cause you to lose a life. You will also be able to destroy a lot of things while under the effects of the Mega Mushroom, like ?-Blocks and some obstacles. Lastly, performing a Ground Pound while in this state causes a small shockwave that can destroy nearby blocks and enemies.

Super Bell

New to the game, the Super Bell grants the Cat Suit to your character, which has a few abilities. By far, the greatest one is the ability to climb walls, although you can only do it for a short period of time. Once you do it enough, your character will slide down the wall. Additionally, you can climb up the Goal Poles, too, which makes getting the golden flag from hitting the top a lot easier. Your character can also do a pounce attack by holding the X/Y button in the air, and will be able to swipe at enemies.

(1 of 2) The Cat Suit will allow you to not only climb walls

The Cat Suit will allow you to not only climb walls (left), but also climb up towards the top of the Goal Poles (right)

Lucky Bell

For all purposes, the Lucky Bell is pretty much the same as the Super Bell, as it grants all of the same abilities. However, the one thing it does different is when you perform a Ground Pound. Doing that will transform your character into a statue that is mostly invincible, except for lava and pits, of course. This statue can also defeat some enemies you couldn’t normally, plus it also yields coins while falling. The Lucky Bell doesn’t start appearing until World Mushroom.

Double Cherry

The Double Cherry power-up is a special one, as it creates a clone of your character that will be controlled at the same time as your normal one. You can have up to four clones at a time, but any Double Cherries after having that number will just be coins. You can use a Double Cherry in conjunction with another power-up, so you could have five Tanooki Suits, for example. If you get hit while having a clone out, one of the clones will disappear.

(1 of 2) Get skilled with the Double Cherry and you can tackle more than one task at a time

Get skilled with the Double Cherry and you can tackle more than one task at a time (left), Another power-up can be combined with the Double Cherry to make you more powerful (right)

Invincibility Leaf

Should you lose a life enough times in a level, you will find a block that appears near where you start that grants an Invincibility Leaf. You will have the same abilities as the Tanooki Suit, but you will also be invincible. That means enemies won’t be able to harm you, nor will obstacles, although pits and lava are still fair game. Completing a level with this doesn’t make it count towards actual completion, and finishing a level with it will cause the power-up to revert to a normal Tanooki Suit.

Invincibility Bell

This power-up has similar properties to the Invincibility Leaf, except you have all of the powers of the Super Bell. The only way to get this power-up is by scanning the Cat Mario amiibo, as well as the Cat Peach amiibo. For the latter, you only get a chance of obtaining this, since the Cat Peach amiibo grants a random power-up.

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