At the beginning of the level defeat the Goomba Tower and jump on the Brolder, but don’t toss it into the lava! Instead toss it onto one of the P Switches and stand on the other one to form a bridge that leads to Green Star #1 , though if you are playing with friends this step is unnecessary.

Drop the Brolder on on P-switch and stand on the other to reach the first Star.

Jump across the lava to a platform with the Red Ring – collecting all eight Red Coins yields a needed Super Bell if you lack a Cat Power-Up. Leap past the Lava Bubbles on your way to the clear pipe which takes you on a pleasant “underlava” trip. Check out the Mystery Box to the right where you’ll find yourself in a room with two Brolders and three P Switches. If you’re with friends, jump on the P Switches and claim Green Star #2 . If not, quickly jump on the Brolders and throw them on the P Switches then jump on one yourself.

Enter the Mystery Box and place the two Brolders on the P-Switches and stand on the third for another Star.

After you exit, instead of moving onto the bridge climb up the left wall to find the Stamp high above. Jump down and snag a Brolder as you march to the end of the bridge, chucking it off the left end into Green Star #3 for a crafty pick up.

Climb the wall to the left before the bridge for the Stamp (left). Grab the Brolder and throw him off the bridge to snag another Star (right).

Take this opportunity to grab another Super Bell from the blocks before heading into the pipe to face the boss.

Boss: Boss Brolder

The battle starts with Boss Brolder spawning three Brolders and rolling after you. Quickly stomp then toss a Brolder into Boss Brolder, just know that Boss Brolder doesn’t care for his minions and won’t hesitate to roll them over to get to you. Once hit, Boss Brolder will spin wildly throwing lava rocks onto the circular arena. After he calms down, Boss Brolder will spawn more minions and the cycle repeats. More hits cause Boss Brolder to spin faster and shoot more lava rocks, so dodge as much as possible.

Use the Brolders to damage the boss. Repeat until he goes down!

Exit to the Goal Pole area and grab the Green +Clock for 100 second addition before saving the Sprixie Princess.

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