Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

What Is Bowser's Fury?

Jarrod Garripoli

What is Bowser’s Fury?

Bowser’s Fury is an add-on that comes with the Switch version of Super Mario 3D World. As of the time of this writing, the only way to get it is by purchasing the Switch version of 3D World, then moving right on the title screen to access the add-on. It is a large, open area, where the goal is to collect Cat Shines and free Bowser from his predictament. It is similar in nature to other 3D Mario games, as it has a semi-open world of something like Super Mario Sunshine and Odyssey, although Bowser’s Fury doesn’t have individual levels like those games.

Bowser Jr

You will meet Bowser Jr. at the beginning of the game, who wants your help to free his dad from the “curse” that has befallen him. He will join you on your adventure, acting as support, and it’s actually possible for a second player to join in, controlling Bowser Jr. He doesn’t actually add anything to the game, as evidenced by the option to limit his involvement in the options. Not only can Bowser Jr. take out enemies for you, but he can also collect coins. You will also find question marks on various walls across the islands you explore. By pressing the R Button, you can use gyroscopic controls to aim the cursor that appears at the question mark, making a random power-up appear.

(1 of 2) Bowser Jr needs help turning his father back to normal

Bowser Jr needs help turning his father back to normal (left), You can set how much help Bowser Jr does in the options (right)

Bowser’s Fury’s Game Flow

Once you complete the introductory prologue in Bowser’s Fury, you will be able to explore Lake Lapcat, the location for the expansion. This large area is split up into a bunch of tiny islands, where you can explore and grab some Cat Shines, the main collectible in the game. There is no set pattern to the progression, for the most part, although you won’t have access to the entire Lake Lapcat from the beginning. That brings up the main mechanic of the game, the Giga Bells. As you collect Cat Shines, you will eventually unlock the ability to use the Giga Bell in the region in which you’re currently exploring.

Whenever Fury Bowser comes out to play and you’ve collected enough Cat Shines to unlock the Giga Bell, that will also become available. Go collect it to start a battle with Fury Bowser and upon beating him, then you will unlock another region with more islands. This will be the general layout of the game, with you pretty much unlocking new islands upon defeating Fury Bowser. Once you defeat him the second time, the entirety of the map will be unlocked, although you won’t be able to get every single Cat Shine then. Upon beating the “main story,” you will unlock the postgame and have access to everything.

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