Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

World 6-5: Ty-Foo Flurries

Jarrod Garripoli

You will encounter Ty-Foos for the first time in this level. Ty-Foos are enemies that you can’t defeat, but they don’t directly harm you either. Instead, they blow powerful gusts of wind to knock you into spikes or into pits, so you will need to time your movements to get past these gusts of wind. You can interrupt the gust of the Ty-Foo by touching it on the touchscreen or hitting it with a power-up. Move forward at the beginning and pass by the first Ty-Foo, grabbing a power-up from the ?-Block. Continue past some Walleyes and to a frozen lake of some sorts.

(1 of 2) Use the Ice Skate to cross the spikes and grab the Stamp

Use the Ice Skate to cross the spikes and grab the Stamp (left), Hit the invisible block so you can get the first Green Star (right)

Defeat the Goomba inside the skate in the next section, which will let you enter the ice skate yourself. Use the skate to slide across the spikes at your right and claim the Stamp unharmed. You can get another Fire Flower by climbing to the top of the tree amidst the frozen lake. Now climb up the hill, avoiding the Ty-Foo blasts. Overlooking the spikes on the cliff are two Ty-Foo and two sets of ?-Blocks. Get on top of the first set and jump on the far side to find a hidden ?-Block, which will let you grab Green Star #1 in the air above it. Beyond that, You’ll need to time a slide all the way down the ramp to the Clear Pipe that takes you to the Checkpoint Flag.

(1 of 2) Enter this Mystery Box across the spikes to find the second Green Star

Enter this Mystery Box across the spikes to find the second Green Star (left), Time your jump so you don’t lose a life with the third Green Star (right)

On the frozen lake are plenty of Goombas, one of which will give up its skate, allowing you to across the spikes on the left side and enter the Mystery Box. Here, you need to quickly jump in a skate then race past the obstacles to find Green Star #2. Back on the frozen lake, check the right side for a power-up, then move to the back wall, where a gust of wind comes up from a pit. Time your jump to snag Green Star #3 and be thrown back out of the pit on the far side. The last section follows the previous Green Star, where you need to time your run past some more Ty-Foos, as well as a Walleye. The Goal Pole area will have two more Ty-Foos, so just wait for their wintry gust to subside before jumping to the pole.

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