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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

World Flower-12: Boss Blitz

Jarrod Garripoli

You will have 500 seconds to clear a total of six bosses, with one hidden behind the locked Warp Box at the beginning of the course. So, you will need to defeat five bosses to get Key Coins, then go through the Warp Box to face one more boss. So, with this knowledge, you will need to go very fast and it’s best to be prepared. You will want to come into Boss Blitz with two Cat Suits, as you’ll want them for the Hisstocrats.

Each of the Warp Boxes here will lead to a boss

So, when you first come into the level, you will have five Warp Boxes in front of you, each leading to a miniboss/boss. The layout of the Warp Boxes, including which boss is within, are as follows:

  • Bottom Row (Left) - King Ka-thunk
  • Bottom Row (Right) - Boom Boom
  • Top Row (Right) - Boss Brolder
  • Top Row (Left) - Pom Pom
  • Middle - Two Hisstocrats

Boss Blitz - Boom Boom

The fight against Boom Boom here is the same as when you first fought him in World 2-Castle: Bowser’s Bullet Bill Brigrade. He will spin around the room, like a spinning top, until he gets tired. Due to the time limit, it’s best to jump on his head whenever he is spinning. After being hit, he will retreat into his shell and all you can do is dodge him while this is happening. During the second and third hits, Boom Boom will go invisible while spinning normally and in his shell, but nothing else changes here.

Boss Blitz - Boss Brolder

This is the same fight as during World 4-Castle: Lava Rock Lair. He will summon three Brolders and begin rolling towards you. You need to jump on a Brolder, then pick it up and toss it at him to deal damage. If you take too long, he will begin spinning around and randomly throwing out lava boulders. You can easily hit the boss with one Brolder, then quickly get another one before he rolls over them. While running around before he becomes vulnerable again, make sure the Brolder doesn’t come alive again in your arms. If you do things this way, you can get two quick hits, then simply have to wait for the next set of Brolders.

Boss Blitz - King Ka-thunk

You only fought this boss once and he is the exact same here. King Ka-thunk will move around the arena, attempting to hit you with either the outer ring or his inner body. Note that the boss will change the position of its body each time it moves. When it lands face first, the weak spot will be exposed, which is your cue to jump on it. The quickest way to defeat King Ka-thunk is to hit him the first time he drops, then go to the middle and wait for him there. He will be exposed there, then go to the bottom middle to deliver the final blow.

The bosses in Boss Blitz are pretty much the same as their previous counterparts

Boss Blitz - Pom Pom

There’s really not much to say about Pom Pom, as she never really changed much between the two bouts, other than having more clones. For this battle, she reverts back to the first time you fought her, where she has lesser clones. It’s really easy to tell the clones apart from the real Pom Pom, since her shuriken is colored and the real one has the green ribbon.

Boss Blitz - Two Hisstocrats

You will be facing off against both versions of the Hisstocrats in this battle, although only the lava boulders will be coming down, which will form little pools of lava. While the battle isn’t really that much harder with two, it takes a lot longer, since they both require three hits each. Of course, it’s a little more difficult to try and get to the plates to get hits on the top of their heads, which is why you will want full Cat Suits here. The same rules apply, though, as you need to be on the lookout for the smaller snakes that won’t have plates on their head (they will poke their eyes out). Also, you will sometimes see a Super Bell appear on top of one of them, which you should grab if you need it.

Upon defeating all five of the bosses above and claiming the Key Coins, the final Warp Box will be unlocked. Note that you will get Green Star #1 after defeating Boss Brolder, while Green Star #2 appears whenever you bring down the Hisstocrats. Go through the Warp Box to fight one more boss.

(1 of 2) You have to fight both Hisstocrats at the same time

You have to fight both Hisstocrats at the same time (left), The shockwaves from Motley will extend the entire arena (right)

Boss Blitz - Motley Bossblob

The fight against Motley is pretty much the same as the other two times you fought him. Bossblob will bounce around the arena, with shockwaves coming out from him every time he hits the ground. The only difference with this battle is that the shockwaves will reach the edges of the arena, no matter where he hits, so you will be forced to jump over them. After a few normal bounces, Motley will do a big one, causing his “protective armor” to come off, in the form of a bunch of little blobs. His weak point will be exposed, plus a Double Cherry will also appear.

Hit Motley Bossblob three times to defeat him, which will also make Green Star #3 appear. Take the final Warp Box that appears, pick up the clock to gain some extra relief, then get to the top of the Goal Pole to finish.

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