Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

World Flower-6: Shiftier Boo Mansion

Jarrod Garripoli

The remixed version of this stage is a little more cryptic at one point, but is more or less similar to the normal one. At the very start, a Big Boo will appear behind you, and it is guarding Green Star #1. You need to lure it away, so you can squeeze by it to grab the star. Ahead, there is a moving ?-Block and if you jump on it, you can reach the higher one, which has a power-up in it (Fire Flower). Ignore the lower path to the right, as the Warp Box is fake. Upstairs, jump on the couch past the blank painting and ride it to the top. You should see some invisible cloud platforms at the top, so jump on them and go to the right for Green Star #2.

(1 of 2) The first Green Star is behind the Big Boo at the beginning

The first Green Star is behind the Big Boo at the beginning (left), Ride the first couch up to some clouds to get the second Green Star (right)

Head through the door at the end, avoiding the Goal Pole here, since it’s obviously fake. Go through the door on the other end and head left, down a long hallway filled with mostly fake 1-Up Mushrooms (one will be real) and Big Boos. At the very end, right before a pit, you will find Green Star #3, but be careful about picking it up, as the floor will also be moving. Enter the nearby door and run to the right, jumping over the line of Peepas, where you encounter another fake Goal Pole. If you go to the end, you will find a Warp Box, which takes you back to the beginning of this outside area.

(1 of 2) The third Green Star is at the end of this hallway

The third Green Star is at the end of this hallway (left), The Warp Box under this bridge will lead to the real exit (right)

Thus, the repeating of the area will continue, making it so you have to find the real exit. When you reach the fake Goal Pole, run to the bottom left corner to see that there is a hidden Warp Box underneath the bridge, along with some invisible cloud platforms. Take this Warp Box to find the real Goal Pole and finish the level.

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