This is a 30 Green Star Marathon so get used to the course as you’ll likely go through it more than once. Again, you will need to complete each level within the set time limit to walk away with the Star.

  • **Green Star #1** - Defeat three Koopa Troopas.
  • **Green Star #2** - Jump across the swinging platforms, just don't mess up the final one with the spiked roller.
  • **Green Star #3** - Toss two Brolders onto P Switches, step on the third yourself.
  • **Green Star #4** - Grab the **Fire Flower** and light all four torches.
  • **Green Star #5** - Avoid the Peepas by jumping until you reach the Green Star.
  • **Green Star #6** - Break the top-right box.
  • **Green Star #7** - Defeat a Goomba and six Mini Goombas.
  • **Green Star #8** - Toss a baseball down after the Para-Biddybuds pass.
  • **Green Star #9** - Defeat the Hop-Chop at the far end and Ground Pound on the Springboard to reach the top of the platform.
  • **Green Star #10** - Thwomps will reveal the lighted path, just ride a Thwomp up top.
  • **Green Star #11** - Skate left then right and lastly dead center to avoid Walleyes.
  • **Green Star #12** - Grab the **Super Bell** and hit the P Button on the right side, quickly climbing back to the left side.
  • **Green Star #13** - Climb the walls that have the arrows on them for the fastest ascent. There is a spare **Super Bell** at the glowing point near the top if you ground pound it.
  • **Green Star #14** - Time your leap onto the Blue Beep Block then alternate up and climb to the Green Star.
  • **Green Star #15** - You must quickly ascend, resting only for a brief second between climbs.
  • **Green Star #16** - Spin Jump into the center or climb the wall after the Fuzzies pass.
  • **Green Star #17** - Dash straight after the Rabbit. Use the GamePad Touchscreen to freeze the Rabbit if you need to.
  • **Green Star #18** - Grab a baseball and use the Jump Panel while moving right. Release at the top of your jump to hit the P Button.
  • **Green Star #19** - Run around the wheel to rotate it then claim the Green Star from the center.
  • **Green Star #20** - Let the Bullies dash at you then knock them off balance into the lava.
  • **Green Star #21** - Ground Pound the middle **? Block** to raise up to the Green Star or just a Cat Suit to climb up.
  • **Green Star #22** - Use Dash Panels to boost your speed and essentially run in a straight line, leaping as necessary.
  • **Green Star #23** - Bounce from Piranha Creeper to Piranha Creeper to the top. A Cat Suit could help if you mess up.
  • **Green Star #24** - Use the GamePad to touch the Switch Panels when the Thwomps move or just toss baseballs at them.
  • **Green Star #25** - Grab one Piranha Plant and have it eat everything, then destroy it.
  • **Green Star #26** - Run along the right side of the wheel and bash through some blocks to get the Green Star.
  • **Green Star #27** - Make a dash up the blocks since Bullet Bills will destroy your path. A Cat Suit can bail you out here too if you mess up.
  • **Green Star #28** - This one is tricky. Leap over the spiked rollers from left to right as you cross to avoid falling on the Donut Block bridge.
  • **Green Star #29** - Give Boom Boom a single hit right at the start and wait for the Green Star since you must wait through the death animation.
  • **Green Star #30** - Sprint through the area, it's a straight shot. Grab the **Stamp** along the way.

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