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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

World 2-1: Conkdor Canyon

Jarrod Garripoli

Being named the Conkdor Canyon, you will run into your first Conkdor right away. They will try to slam their head into the ground whenever you get close, but this also leaves them exposed to you jumping on their head; you can also defeat them with power-ups, if needed. Claim the Super Bell from the nearby ?-Block, then climb the wall behind it to find Green Star #1 on top of it. Continue right, through the sand pits and past some more Conkdor. After the one Conkdor, you will see a green wall, so climb it and the other wall it’s connected to reach the top, where you will see a golden pipe.

(1 of 2) Climb the wall near the beginning to find the first Green Star

Climb the wall near the beginning to find the first Green Star (left), The top of this wall will have a golden pipe that leads to a bonus area (right)

Inside this pipe will be a golden P-Switch, which when pressed, will rain coins in the middle of the room. The pit here means death, by the way, so try to avoid falling down as you jump back and forth to collect coins. Back through the pipe, continue right to the Red Ring and run circles around the Conkdor collecting the Red Coins for a power-up (Super Bell). There are a lot of Conkdors to the side at the next ramp and while you can defeat them all, it’s a lot easier to just sprint past them.

The checkpoint flag will be right after the Conkdors, and there’s another by a pool of water. There’s nothing but a few coins in the water, and the top of the nearby tree provides the Sprixie with the binoculars. Move north now, across the moving bridge, and grab another power-up from the Roulette Block, continuing further past all the Conkdors on the narrow walkways. When you reach the Conkdor at the center of four blocks, trick it into smashing the one on the far side to reveal Green Star #2. From here, run up the sandfall to the left to find a clock pickup, as well as a brick that produces a lot of coins.

(1 of 3) Have the Conkdor break this brick to uncover the second Green Star

Once you’ve exhausted the coins from that brick block, it will turn into ? Box that fits on your character’s head. While wearing this block, moving around will produce coins, with the faster you move making even more coins, so sprint to get a lot of coins. Head to the raised section past the second Green Star and collect the Stamp, then ignore the moving bridge that leads to the goal. Instead, head down the other side to find a Conkdor harassing Captain Toad. Defeat the Conkdor and Toad will reward you with Green Star #3. You can now finish the level, but make note you only have one attempt to reach the top of the goal, unless you have a Cat Suit.

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