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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Libra Screen

By pressing R1/RB you can access the Libra screen of all enemies you’re fighting and those you haven’t defeated yet. The screen is setup like this:

a) The top left corner has:

  • Enemy's name.
  • Enemy's current / Max HP (by reducing its current HP to zero, enemy is KOed).
  • Enemy's level.
b) The upper right corner lists negative statuses the enemy is immune to. From left to right you have:
  • **Deprotect** (take more physical damage).
  • **Deshell** (take more magical damage).
  • **Slow** (enemy's ATB fills 50% slower).
  • **Poison** (continuous damage over time).
  • **Imperil** (fire, water, thunder and ice resistances down by 1 rank).
  • **Curse** (enemy's attacks interrupted more often, own attacks interrupted easier).
  • **Pain** (cannot use physical abilities).
  • **Fog** (cannot use magical abilities).
  • **Daze** (cannot move, receive much higher damage from next attack).
  • **Death** (instant KO).
  • **Dispel** (remove the latest buff/debuff applied [rightmost one]).
  • **Provoke** (you can't see it, though).
c) On the left side of the screen you have the following:
  • **Chain Resistance** (how resilient the enemy is against chaining).
  • **Stagger Point** (percentage of Stagger you must inflict before enemy staggers).
  • **Common Drop** is the item which is dropped most of time.
  • **Rare Drop** is the item which is rarely dropped.
d) On the right side of the screen you have the enemy's vulnerabilities to six elements, as well as physical and magical attacks. There are six types of affinities the enemy can sport and they are:
  • **White** - none (takes full damage of the attack).
  • **Blue** - weakness (takes double damage from attack type).
  • **Yellow** - half (takes 50% less damage from attack type).
  • **Orange** - resistant (damage from attack type is reduced by 90%).
  • **Red** - immunity (takes no damage from attack type; the word "GUARD" appears when attacked).
  • **Purple** - absorption (attack heals enemy - 30% of the usual damage).
e) At the bottom of the screen you have four lines of enemy information, which may provide hints as to how to battle the enemy efficiently, or warn you of an enemy's special abilities.

The Libra screen is very useful and should be referred to often. You can also obtain a trophy/achievement for using this screen multiple times. Use it on every new enemy you meet.

Whenever you press R1/RB and you access the Libra screen of an enemy you haven’t fought yet, everything will be filled with question marks. You need to fight this enemy a couple of times before the entries fill up with relevant information. Alternatively, you can use the Libra Scope item which scans all enemies in battle and reveals all info instantly. The third way is using the Libra technique (more on this later).

Attack Interruptions

Just as you can attack enemies and sometimes prevent them from attacking, they can do the same to you. There are a couple of variations of how enemies can forbid or inhibit your movement:

  • Knock your character to the ground, after which he/she will stand up.
  • Launch your character in the air, then he/she comes crashing down, and will stand up after a few seconds.
  • Daze status prevents your character from moving, and causes the next attack received to inflict greater damage.
  • Fog status prevents your character from using attacks of a magical nature.
  • Pain status prevents your character from using attacks of a physical nature.
  • When hit, your character will often stagger a little, but not enough to be knocked to the ground.

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