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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 11.5 - Gran Pulse - Taejins Tower

The Cloven Spire

2x Frostbane Brooch location (left) and Ethersol location (right).

Save at the Save Point, and examine the outside ring for two Treasure Spheres that contain 2x Frostbane Brooch and an Ethersol .

Our party for the next battle was Light, Fang and Sazh. Prepare the following paradigms:

  1. MED/SAB/RAV (default)





Toss a Fortisol and Aegisol , then approach the center for a boss fight.

Boss: Dahaka

Dahaka is a flying Pulse fal'Cie the party spots soon after their arrival in Gran Pulse. It frequently flies by the party during their journey to Oerba, until it returns to its roost atop Taejin's Tower.

Dahaka Stats
Level / HP LV 53 / 2,314,800 HP
Strength / Magic 15 STR / 15 MAG
Stagger / Chain Res. / CP 320% / 70 Chain Resistance / 33,000 CP
Vulnerabilities Physical (Halved)
Common Drop / Rare Drop Tetradic Tiara / None

HP powertrip, anyone? For this battle we suggest using Light, Fang and Sazh. Sazh provides the buffs such as Haste, Bravery and Faith (in case you didn’t use Fortisol), while Fang debuffs the boss with Deprotect, Slow and Imperil. Start with to get a good start on the Chain Gauge, then after you stick at least Slow and Deprotect on Dahaka, switch to and keep attacking until you Stagger it.

At this point it’ll fall to the ground, unable to move for a good amount of time. Continue to use until you hit about 650% on the Chain Gauge and then switch to for a big increase in damage output. While the boss is defenseless, its attack and status affinities change - it halves all elemental damage and becomes immune to all debuffs except Dispel.

In case you don’t manage to kill the boss in one Stagger, it’ll rise up again and become more dangerous. It can cast Faith and Haste on itself, and uses the most annoying move in this battle, with which it removes buffs from your characters and sticks Poison along with some other nasty statuses on you. When Dahaka gets some buffs going on itself, switch to so that Fang dispels it - you don’t need to take even more damage. Depending on how many and how badly your characters are hurt, alternate between and to heal and buff your characters, while Fang draws the enemy’s fire. Stagger Daharka for a second time and kiss it goodbye. The effects of the 'sols last for five minutes, so have your ATB config set to normal.

It is possible to obtain a Fortisol after battle. A couple of new enemies have also appeared here now, so hunt them down and skin them. There are three groups and the first has an Amphisbaena and a Managarmr, the second is a sole Amphisbaena and the final battle is another quintet of Pulsework Gladiators.

There’s also a Menhirrim statue along the edge of the spire that you can now examine and successfully activate. Doing so will power up the nearby elevator. Take it to the seventh floor.

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