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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 6 - The Sunleth Waterscape

A Shimmering Sky

After the scenes, you will be introduced to the deadly Scalebeast. These hard-shelled creatures have powerful attacks, high HP and are immune to almost all damage until Staggered. It will take around three minutes to defeat them at this stage by employing correct strategies so you may wish to just kill the one standing by a Sphere and ignore the others. The spoils and CP you get for vanquishing them aren’t really worth your time.

The Scalebeast

Scalebeast Enemy Intel (left). Remove the carapace to make the enemy vulnerable to attack (right).

Enemy Info: The Scalebeast’s HP and Strength are very high compared to other enemies in the area, however, due to its slow nature in the field, it is easy to secure a preemptive strike. The Scalebeast’s Defense is also significant and will take a long time to Stagger it even with two Ravagers, but once it is Staggered it loses its carapace and becomes vulnerable to assault. It is also more susceptible to status ailments when in this state, allowing Vanille to inflict Deprotect, Deshell, and Poison on it.

Trivia: The Scalebeast was not originally supposed to lose all of its scales when staggered in the Xbox 360 version; it occurred due to a glitch in the game. After struggling to fix it, Yuji Abe decided to keep it.

The Treasure Sphere is on the left side, just down the slope when you arrive - inside are 15x Iron Shells . If you do plan on killing the Scalebeasts, aim for preemptive strikes every time. They are slow and lumbering so should be a breeze to sneak up on. Avoid the rest of them but don’t neglect to collect the Librascope on your way out.

This Scalebeast (Left) protects a Treasure Ball with 15x Iron Shells (Right).

The final part of the area provides a couple of battles with Gremlins and an unmissable Treasure Sphere containing 10x Scaled Wings . Head north through some marshland to reach Lake Shayra.

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