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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Missions 21 - 30

Mission 30: Syphax, the Insidious

Enemy Info

Mark Syphax
Stone Location Archylte Steppe - Haerii Oldroad
Mark Location Mah'habara Subterra - Abandoned Dig
Class B
Additional Foes Numidia x26
Initial Reward Uraninite
Repeat Reward Bomb Core x6
Prerequisite Reach Sulyya Springs

The Undying—fearsome Cie’th who defy Fal’Cie will, driven by an intense loathing of all that lives. Syphax, the Insidious, is of their number—a number of which I am tasked with bringing low. My mark dwells in the abandoned dig Cie’th lair deep withing the bowels of Mah’habara Subterra. He’s a treacherous foe, to be sure, but one I must overcome if I am to see my crystallized beloved again.


Syphax dwells in an abandoned dig site. Now we need to head back to one of the stones we have completed so that we can teleport back to Mah’habara. Once you arrive head down the ramp North-Northeast (the closest to you) and then take the path to the East.

Note: If you left the Atomos at the Springs, obviously it is no longer here for you to use it as a jump point to cross the bridge. If that is the case, you need to use the nearby stone to teleport to the Springs and ride Atomos back to the mine. Once you do that, you can then use it as your jump point to cross the bridge.

[Left] Syphax Enemy Intel. [Right] Syphax Encounter!


Syphax is joined by a ton of Numidias so I recommend sticking with area spells and attacks like Blitz and Ruinga. Due to the sheer number of enemies, be sure to have a potent healing paradigm, like Salvation (MED/MED/MED) ready. Syphax has move that inflicts quite a number of status ailments on your party. Salvation once again comes into play for this. Stagger the mark with Relentless Assault (COM/RAV/RAV), build the stagger gauge to at least 500% or more, and shift to Cerberus for some massive damage.

This can be a hard fight – not due to any inherent strength of the enemies (they’re pretty weak), but because there are just so damn many of them – and they keep on coming! You’ll have to fell over thirty or forty of the smaller bat-like beasties before Syphax will even turn up, and they are proof that strength lies in numbers. Keep a Medic on hand to make sure they don’t suck out too much of your HP. Syphax will reveal itself once enough of its underlings have been decimated, and while he has a decent-sized HP buffer, he also had a fairly low stagger percentage and a weakness to wind elemental attacks.

  • **Rank earned:** Heartstriker

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