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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 3 - Lake Bresha

A Silent Maelstrom

Traverse the crystal path to the next Save Point. Set up your Paradigms in the following way in preparation for a boss encounter and also spend your CP before the fight. It is a good idea to spend CP every time you accumulate between 200-300 CP during this chapter. Progression is capped based on story milestones so there is no real need to grind for CP at this early stage. Focus on killing all the enemies you can which will be enough to see you through this chapter.

  • RAV/SEN/MED (default)
  • Paradigm System Tutorial: More Info

    Boss Battle: Manasvin Warmech (Second Encounter)

    This battle is more tricky than the first as Manasvin Warmech has more devastating attacks. Fought by Lightning, Snow, and Vanille, it can easily kill the party leader using Crystal Rain.

    Manasvin Warmech Stats
    Level / HP LV 60 / 32,400 HP
    Strength / Magic 44 STR / 0 MAG
    Stagger / Chain Res. / CP 160% / 50 Chain Resistance / 0 CP
    Vulnerabilities Lightning (Weak) / Water (Weak)
    Common Drop / Rare Drop Digital Circuit (100%) / None

    Remember, press L1/LB during battle to access your paradigm deck. The boss opens by shooting Wave Cannon across the area, heavily damaging everyone - Vanille will promptly cure everyone though. The next attack coming up is Crystal Rain - the mech throws two icicles which deal a fair amount of damage. This is why having Snow as a SEN from the start of battle comes in handy - you’ll suffer less damage than usual. For the next couple of turns, the boss will be shooting its tail laser.

    Here’s a good tip: when you start working on an enemy’s Chain Gauge, always include COM as part of your paradigm. COM adds little to the Chain Gauge, but doesn’t cause it to deplete rapidly. After using COM in roughly two assaults, switch to a paradigm that has RAVs only and start blasting the enemy. The Chain Gauge will increase rapidly, but since you used a COM when you began adding points to it, it will decrease slowly. Anyway, back to the boss battle at hand.

    After the Warmech uses the opening salvo, switch to paradigm . Attack it for a couple of turns to get a good start on the gauge, then switch to . The tail laser will not hurt much and, as it is used for a while, you’ll be able to Stagger the boss quite easily. The damage done to it will now increase by a lot, allowing you to remove over 50% of its HP.

    Be advised to look for captions of attacks onscreen. The Warmech will soon ready itself to launch Wave Cannon, followed by Crystal Rain. When you see the boss opening the hatch, switch to and wait for the boss’s salvo to end. After it’s done, return to the process of switching to , attacking a couple of times, and finally, switch to to Stagger the boss, upon which you can finish it off.

    You may also obtain a Deceptisol after the battle.

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