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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 6 - The Sunleth Waterscape

The Old Growth

Enemy Encounters

Name Notes
Flandragora Easy preemptive strikes; immune to Physical and Water but easily Staggered.
Hedge Frog Low HP; may cast Deprotect.
Gremlin Low HP; Fire magic dangerous in large groups.
Scalebeast Easy preemptive strikes; damage reduction or immunity until Staggered; tough for area.

Opening the menu reveals a wealth of CP to spend. The top tier Ravager crystals (and Role Level) should be your first stop with Vanille because they offer a lot more flexibility and tactical options in battles. Poison (Saboteur), Esuna and Cura (Medic) and the final two Role Level enhancements should be your long-term goals.

Sazh should aim for the Accessory crystal and Role Level for Synergist, followed by Blitz (Commando) then pick up Strength boosts where possible to increase his Commando abilities. Finally, equip Vanille with a Tungsten Bangle to increase her HP then create the Undermine Paradigm (SAB and RAV). This, followed by Dualcasting, is excellent against Flandragoras and most other enemies can be dispatched with Slash & Burn.

Welcome to the beautiful Sunleth Waterscape, a place filled with all manner of odd flora and fauna. There is nothing to the south where you enter so skip forward and run over to the tomato plant flans. Flandragoras, like all Flans, are immune to Physical damage and these are also immune to Water. Employ the above tactics and move along, hopping from path to path.

The adorable Flandragora (left) and Hedge Frogs (right).

Eventually, you will run into some little frog-type enemies. Hedge Frogs aren’t dangerous in small groups but they can cast Deprotect and make a nuisance of themselves in larger ones. At the first fork, take the northerly path where some Flandragoras stand watch over a Treasure Sphere which holds 8x Mysterious Fluid . Continue onto the other path afterwards.

A few more groups of Hedge Frogs and the odd Flandragora block your path on your way to the next area.

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