Boss Battle: Barthandelus

Barthandelus has lost the ability to inflict status effects, but retains his standard laser attack, which a Sentinel should be able to withstand for a long period of time.

Barthandelus Stats
Level / HP LV 54 / 5,227,500 HP
Strength / Magic 840 STR / 840 MAG
Stagger / Chain Res. / CP 250% / 70 Chain Resistance / 0 CP
Vulnerabilities All Elements (Halves)
Common Drop / Rare Drop None / None

Have Vanille stick Slow, Deprotect, Deshell and Imperil on head honcho, then switch to for a couple of turns, and then to until boss is broken. Aside from small heads continuously pestering you with lasers, main head can launch a couple of area attacks. The dangerous one is when it opens up its head to unleash Laughter - before it shoots, switch to setup to reduce damage taken. Each time you’re hit with Ultima or Laughter from Bart, switch to for quick healing, and then resume attacking. You’ll likely require two Staggers to defeat the boss. Don’t forget to reapply debuffs when they wear off.

Round one goes to my team. When battle starts, restart it to have main menu brought up. Make some modifications…



  3. RAV/SAB/SYN (starting battle setup)




Boss Battle: Orphan

The first form of Orphan is the penultimate boss of Final Fantasy XIII. After Barthandelus is defeated, Orphan’s shell emerges from the inky fluid and attacks the party.

Orphan (First Form) Stats
Level / HP LV 54 / 6,780,000 HP
Strength / Magic 1,368 STR / 1,368 MAG
Stagger / Chain Res. / CP 400% / 70 Chain Resistance / 0 CP
Vulnerabilities Physical and Magic (Halves)
Common Drop / Rare Drop None / None

This is where Cherub’s Crown comes into play. Boss can KO a party member, and if Light goes out cos of it, Game Over, man, Game Over…

The Orphan opens up with its big attack, which inflicts % damage, based on current HP. Note that it can kill you if you’re under Deprotect and/or Imperil status, so having three MED roles as setup will be essential. You CANNOT use paradigm shift during this attack, so you’re screwed if you’re in bad shape… Immediately after the attack ends, switch to to heal yourself. Also note that when boss uses Judgment, its CG resets and you have to start working on it again.

The Boss will eventually summon two allies, of which one can heal main boss, and the other inflicts debuffs on your characters. You cannot target these sidekicks, but then again, they don’t restore that much HP, or inflict that much damage. Another dangerous move is when some tail appears, inflicting nasty debuffs on your party, among others Poison and Imperil. Remove these ASAP! I must not forget to mention Progenitorial Wrath, which has 50% base chance to KO a party member - maxed Cherub’s Crown should prevent that from happening.

The Orphan has a major weakness, this being Poison. Yes, pals, a stage of final boss in FF13 can be defeated with Poison. Vanille, welcome to the stage. So you can either be defensive and have dear Vanille apply Poison until boss bites the dust, or go all out, starting with for a couple of turns, then continue with to Stagger the boss, then it’s fun time! You may need 2~3 Staggers to defeat this guy.

Round two goes to us. Retain the paradigms setups from previous battle.

Boss Battle: Orphan (Final Battle)

Orphan’s second form is the final boss of Final Fantasy XIII. Orphan’s true form is revealed after its shell is destroyed by the player party. Defeating Orphan completes the game.

Orphan (Final Battle) Stats
Level / HP LV 51 / 3,390,000 HP
Strength / Magic 1,216 STR / 1,216 MAG
Stagger / Chain Res. / CP 500% / 50 Chain Resistance / 0 CP
Vulnerabilities Physical and Magic (Immune)
Common Drop / Rare Drop None / None

Last enemy to overcome. Gee, it’s immune to all types of damage? Anyway, the real final boss was the enemy you already defeated in previous battle, this is merely a test of your skills in how quickly you can take down this guy. Boss begins by casting Doom on your leader, and then switching own attack affinities couple of times. In addition its attacks aren’t strong at all, you’re looking at around 2000 dmg at most if one chr is hit, and its AOE attack hits for about 900 dmg. Slowly build up foe’s Chain Gauge while Sazh buffs your party and Vanille sticks some debuffs on the foe. When it has Deprotect and Deshell (Imperil is also recommended to add) switch to and continue blasting until boss is broken.

At this point it can be instakilled with Vanille’s Death (but we’re not controlling her, sadly), and its immunity to damage disappears. Upping CG to 999,9% is only a matter of time - and so is its imminent defeat at the hands of Lightning.

Beating the Orphan with a five star rating gives you the Superstar trophy , and unlocks Lightning’s PS3 theme. I’m only mentioning this because Lightning is so hot… Enjoy the ending scenes, and ending credits. Congratulations!

Trophy/Achievement Icon
Instrument of Change

Witnessed the dawn of a new crystal legend.

Trophy icon
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Earned a 5-star rating in the battle to determine the world's fate.

Trophy icon

After credits have rolled, you’ll get the opportunity to make clear game save. Do so in a separate slot. Upon loading this save you’ll appear at ths Save Point which is just before final boss marathon. What can you do now?

  • You can raise your characters further by using Crystarium.

  • Return to Gran Pulse and complete all 64 Missions.

  • Take down the Long Gui turtles.

  • Complete any remaining Trophies / Achievements.

  • Have fun in general.

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