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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 11.5 - Gran Pulse - Taejins Tower

Second Tier

The Tower can become confusing if you do not follow the markers properly. We will try to guide you as best we can to make the route as simple as possible but the waypoints and map will also be a good source of information. On this floor you will be forced to complete some Mark missions before you can proceed but thankfully, we have full details on every mission at the back of the guide in the Cie’th Stones section.

At the waypoint, you will be introduced to the Guardian of the Tower; the fal’Cie Dahaka. Throughout your journey to the top, Dahaka will constantly watch your every move and make your ascent more difficult. Clearly, he doesn’t want you here but alas, you must reach the top. He will blast a hole in the wall and a box will pop up, explaining that you must complete three missions on this tier before you can proceed.

Dahaka - Guardian of the Tower (left) and the hole in the wall he creates (right).

Pass through the hole in the wall and clear the room of enemies; namely three Pulsework Gladiators. They’re nothing you can’t handle. Afterwards, approach the first statue to activate the first mission; defeat the Gelatitan. Ascend the stairs nearby to reach the upper level but beware the Managarmr guarding the passage. Proceed downwards again to find the Gelatitan. See here for complete details. Your reward is a Speed Sash and if you return here later, Pulsework Gladiators will appear when the mission isn’t activated.

Mission 21 - Gelatitan.

Once it’s been defeated, you will find the second statue in the same room so activate it to receive the information on your next target; Ambling Bellows. Run all the way back to the first statue and go through the door to the right of it, down the corridor, and into the next room to find your target. See here for complete details. Your reward this time is 3x Particle Accelerators . If you return here, two Pulsework Gladiators and a Managarmr will have replaced the mark.

Mission 22 - Ambling Bellows

Examine the third and final statue here for the next mission; defeat Gurangatch. Go back west and down the corridor to reach the Gurangatch location. See here for complete details. After the battle, you will receive a Warrior’s Wristband and the way will be open to the third tier. The replacement enemies here will be a trio of Pulsework Gladiators.

Mission 23 - Gurangatch

Proceed to the marker through the hole in the wall and Dahaka will make another appearance. The Menhirrim cut off a section of the fal’Cie’s tail as thanks for you freeing them and Dahaka will flee back up the Tower. Before rushing off, run all the way to the end of the inner ring of this tier to find 5x Spark Plugs then turn around and run through the doorway where all the Pulsework Gladiators are. Destroy them and head upstairs to the next floor.

5x Spark Plug location (left) and the battle with 5x Pulsework Gladiator (right).

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