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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
Version: 1.00 (????) 26-05-2020 / 12:50 GMT

Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Missions 41-50

Mission 42: Antihero (Titan Quest D-2)

Enemy Info

Mark Borgbear Hero
Stone Location Faultwarrens - Via Lunae/Via Stellarum
Mark Location Faultwarrens - Salamandrine Path
Class B
Additional Foes Borgbear x4
Initial Reward Witch's Bracelet
Repeat Reward Bomb Core x7
Prerequisite Mission 38 or 39

Divine will fuel passion's fire, igniting the spark of life in all creation. A Borgbear hero stands in burning ire, scorching stagnation within the flow, ready to decide your fate. Face its judgment.


Follow the path to the right (check the map so you know where you are going) fighting your way through the groups that are not the one containing the mark and once you are near the mark pop a Deceptisol so that you get the jump on them.

[Left] Borgbear Hero Enemy Intel. [Right] Mark Location.


Borgbear Hero operates in much the same way as the other large-scale Goblin leaders. He fights with a bunch of lackeys, hoping to overwhelm you with constant attacks and buffs. He still isn't a terribly troublesome mark – though he has the highest HP of any of the goblin marks, he still has a fairly low percentage needed to stagger and weaknesses to both fire and earth magic.

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