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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
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PSICOM and Guardian Corps

There are two factions to law enforcement on Cocoon: PSICOM and The Guardian Corps, with each having a different responsibility in Cocoon society.


A PSICOM soldier leads an evacuation.

" PSICOM is a military force charged with protecting Cocoon from Pulsian incursion. In contrast to the lightly armed Guardian Corps, PSICOM employs an array of advanced heavy weaponry and cruiser-class airships. " - Datalog: Cocoon Society.

Short for the Public Security and Intelligence Command, PSICOM is a military force led by Lieutenant Colonels Jihl Nabaat and Yaag Rosch. Widely considered the superior military force in the Sanctum, they use a wide array of technically advanced weaponry from airships, giant warmechs and transgates for summoning special genetically-modified monsters.

Being responsible for seeking out any evidence of a Pulsian incursion, they enact the Purge when any evidence of contamination from Pulse is found. They will stop at nothing to protect Cocoon from Pulse.

The Guardian Corps

Guardian Corps troops confront an unseen enemy.

" The Guardian Corps is the branch of the Sanctum military responsible for maintaining peace and stability within Cocoon. " - Datalog: Cocoon Society.

Working closely with the general public, the Guardian Corps act as everything from police offers to hunting down marauding wildlife in towns and cities. They rarely employ heavy weaponry because of their close relationship with the people of Cocoon though they do retain a unit of shock troops.

The Guardian Corps has many divisions with the most elite being the Wide-Area Response Brigade, otherwise known as The Cavalry, which is commanded by Cid Raines and his subordinate Rygdea. The Cavalry keeps a permanent base on their massive airship, the Lindblum and are some of the most experienced and highly trained soldiers in the Sanctum’s forces.

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