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Final Fantasy XIII
Strategy Guide

First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 10 - The Fifth Ark

Vestibular Hold

Enemy Encounters

Name Notes
Pulsework Knight High damage resistance until Staggered; weak to Fire and Lightning.
Circuitron Physical damage halved; weak to Ice but absorbs Lightning; can self-destruct for catastrophic damage.
Noctilucale Weak to Fire and Ice.
Phosphoric Ooze Weak to Fire but absorbs Water; inflicts Poison; two can merge to form Alchemic Ooze.
Alchemic Ooze High HP; weak to Fire but absorbs Water; physical damage halved and very powerful attacks.

When you reach the top, a cutscene presents a new enemy; the Pulsework Knight. Like the other Pulsework varieties you have encountered, they possess remarkable endurance until Staggered, at which point they become immobilized and vulnerable to attacks. In groups of two or more, their blows can severely weaken your party in a very short space of time. Care should be taken to heal regularly or use a SEN to absorb some of the damage.

Role Development Unlocked (left) and 2x Pulsework Knights (right).

Role Advancement: With your most recent victory, all six roles become available. However, we recommend focusing on the three primary roles for your chosen main party and have the other three be focused solely on one specialty at this stage. This leaves you with plenty of options and strength for upcoming trials.

Once you’ve finished upgrading your party, sneak up on the pair of Pulsework Knights just behind you for an easy preemptive strike. You can choose to return to the previous Save Station while fighting a few more Knights along the way if you wish to practise those new skills. Return to the previous area to advance towards your goal.

Hero's Amulet (left) and 8x Bomb Shell (right).

Head down the stairs and run to the right where you will find a Hero’s Amulet guarded by two Pulsework Knights. Collect it then proceed forward past the crane and climb the steps. More Circuitrons and Pulsework Knights block your route forward but they are easily disposed of. Turn left and cross a bridge to reach an area with two Circuitrons who patrol in front of a Sphere containing 8x Bomb Shells.

Return to the previous room and head forward, down some stairs to reach a Save Station.

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