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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 6 - The Sunleth Waterscape

Rain-spotted Vale

Enemy Encounters

Name Notes
Flandragora Easy preemptive strikes; immune to Physical and Water but easily Staggered.
Hedge Frog Low HP; may cast Deprotect.
Gremlin Low HP; Fire magic dangerous in large groups.
Scalebeast Easy preemptive strikes; damage reduction or immunity until Staggered; tough for area.

Weather orbs explanation (left) and the Mud Frog enemy (right).

A brief explanation about the climate-controlling orbs appears at the start of this area. This provides a puzzle of sorts because you need to know when to change the weather. When it’s rainy, you will face Mud Frogs, Hedge Frogs and Scalebeasts and when it’s sunny, Wyverns and Flandragoras make their appearance. Gremlins and Garchimaceras dance around merrily whatever the weather.

Do not touch the first orb but proceed to the fight with a Mud Frog and some Hedge Frogs. Mud Frogs are strange little critters because their Courtship Dance summons other Hedge Frogs to the battle repeatedly. With that in mind, you should always focus on killing them first because they will simply summon more and more to replace those that were felled.

Take a right at the fork to collect the Metal Armband.

At the second orb, change the conditions to dry and leap up the cliff on the right. Instead of having to face a daunting battle against two Mud Frogs, you merely have to defeat six Flandragoras and can then open a Sphere for a Metal Armband . Change the conditions back to rainy at the third orb and take the left-hand path but be sure to change the conditions back to dry at the fourth orb before you collect the treasure. Flandragoras pose much less of a threat than a Scalebeast and several allies. An Aqua Ring is your reward.

Garchimacera (left) and Aqua Ring (right).

Switch back to rain and run past the Scalebeast if you do not feel like fighting it, then at the final orb, it’s probably best to change to dry conditions. Despite you having to complete three battles instead of two, you can avoid a nasty fight with four Mud Frogs. If you haven’t reached the Role Levels for Vanille and Sazh, consider grinding against the Flandragora and Gremlins here.

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