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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 11.4 - Gran Pulse - Sulyya Springs

Subterranean Lake

Enemy Encounters

Name Notes
Ceratosaur Dangerous in large numbers; absorbs Ice and Water; weak to Fire and Earth.
Ceratoraptor Calls allies with Courtship Dance; easily Staggered and Launch; elemental weaknesses same as Ceratosaur but sustains 10% magic and 50% physical damage.
Orobon Power Spritz buffs the Orobon; powerful attack combos and high HP.

This cave is full of bioluminescent plants which light your way towards an open area where you can approach the waypoint for a cutscene. Be sure to collect the 13x Strange Fluid on the right side before hopping on to the next island. A large group of Ceratosaurs swarm the island and will immediately spot you as you approach so be ready for battle. They are especially vulnerable to Fire and Firaga works a treat with such a large group. Their large HP pool can cause problems if you aren’t particularly strong so bring a MED if you need one.

After defeating them, hop to the right to collect 10x Enigmatic Fluid then jump up the eastern platforms and confront the Orobons and Ceratosaurs. Orobons can disrupt you by inflicting Daze and can also buff themselves when threatened. Deploying Fire and Lightning skills, notably Thundaga and Firaga when facing large groups of them, will repeatedly interrupt their attacks, making them easy to finish off before they get too strong. Also, pick up the Aquabane Brooch nearby.

13x Strange Fluid (left) and 10x Enigmatic Fluid (right) locations.

Over on the next island are more Ceratosaurs but they have back up from a Ceratoraptor which will summon more Ceratosaurs if not defeated swiftly. Always focus on these first and use spells like Ruinga or Firaga to disrupt attacks when facing a lot of enemies. The left corner of this island has 6x Moistened Scales to retrieve and, if you accepted the Cie’th Stone mission, your mark will be found on this same island. A Sphere with 5x Seapetal Scales can also be found just at the back here as well.

Moistened Scales (left) and Seapetal Scales (right) locations.

Return all the way back down to the central platform and stand facing the western side. You will be prompted to “Examine” the water in front of you which causes a cutscene where the fal’Cie Bismarck springs from the water and creates platforms for you. Jump to the new platforms (easily spotted by the presence of enemies on them) and collect the treasures for Uranite , a Riptide Ring , a Water Charm and a Mnar Stone. You will face the same enemies here as before so simply dispatch them and then proceed to the next area via the waypoint.

Examine the water here (left) to summon Bismarck and new platforms (right).

A couple more battles with Ceratosaurs, Ceratoraptors and Orobos make up the final enemies of this area before the exit.

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