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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 10 - The Fifth Ark

Inner Conduit

Enemy Encounters

Name Notes
Imp Weak enemy that falls rapidly; can summon reinforcements if left long enough.
Greater Behemoth Magic damage cut to one tenth; slow Chain Gauge growth; inflicts Pain when upright.

Jump down into the main area after the Save Station, then turn right to find three Imps guarding more treasure. Take them out quickly or they will summon the more powerful Ahriman which should be killed immediately as they can be a lot more troublesome than their weaker brethren. Pick up the Auric Amulet then turn around to face the next lot of enemies, consisting of some Imps and Phosphoric Ooze.

Missable Enemy Alert - Wait for an Imp to perform the Conjure move with which it summons Ahriman. Make sure you Libra it for your enemy intel.

Follow the tunnel down but beware of a Phosphoric Ooze ambush and another group of Imps and Ooze. As you turn the corner, you will get a rather nasty surprise in the form of a Greater Behemoth that patrols the only route through. Sadly, he is too fat to run past so you must kill him by the usual methods. Magic damage will not be very successful nor will building the Chain Gauge. He can also inflict Pain when upright just for a more unpleasant experience. Try for a preemptive strike to make the fight a lot easier and then use a SYN to buff yourself at the start of the battle to increase damage and protection then switch to an aggressive Paradigm to Stagger and chip away at its HP.

Auric Amulet location (left) and the Greater Behemoth surpise (right).

Ahead, don’t be fooled by the lone Imp because your radar tells you a different story. The little Imp is accompanied by some Phosphoric Ooze friends which you should be used to handling by now. Turn right at the end of the tunnel, jump down the ledge and collect the Alicanto (a weapon for Hope which increases Strength but stops him from Staggering) from the Sphere just ahead.

Run down the stairs then leap up to the group of Noctilucale then head to another group of them, this time accompanied by a Greater Behemoth. Kill the Noctilucale first and then focus on the Behemoth. Behind them you will find a Sphere containing 7 x Gargantuan Claws . Return to the main path and follow the stairs down to carry on towards the destination.

Alicanto (left) and Ethersol (right) locations.

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