1. Items & Accessories

Stockpile all Fortisols & Aegisols : They’re invaluable in some boss battles during later chapters in the game, where they can easily save you lots of time you’d otherwise spend casting buffs in battle.

Never Sell Any Accessories : Several accessories exist in limited quantities, and if you sell them, you won’t get a chance to get it again. If you want the “Treasure Hunter” trophy/achievement you will need to follow this advice to the letter.

2. Enemy Encounters

You will see all enemies onscreen. It is possible to avoid some encounters, but some you will have to fight.

Take care if you want to get all enemy entries - some enemies spawn other enemies into battle, but they will never get the chance to do so if you kill them too quickly.

Pressing R1 during battle will access the Libra screen of all enemies in battle.

3. Post Battle

After the battle is won, you get:

a) items, which are dropped by enemies (there’s no Steal command).

b) CP, which are used to purchase upgrade nodes in the Crystarium.

c) TP, which are used to trigger special commands during battle (Libra, Quake, Full Cure and a few others).

Your HP is also completely recovered after each battle.

4. Star Ranking

After the battle is won, you will be given a star ranking. Star rank depends on:

Target Time: Time alloted for taking out all enemies.

Initiative Bonus: Point multiplier (with PS you get x1.2 multiplier).

Battle Duration: How quickly you defeated all enemies.

Points Per Second: Points awarded depend on how quickly you took out the enemies, damage incurred/taken, and some other factors.

Star ranking has three uses:

a) Beating the final boss with five stars gives you a trophy.

b) Beating all Cie’th Stone Missions with five stars gives you a PS3 theme and a trophy/achievement.

c) It influences spoils obtained after battle. The higher the stars obtained, the better the spoils as a rule.

5. Restarting / Save Points

Save points have multiple uses:

a) Save your game.

b) Purchase stuff in shops (more shops become available later in the game).

c) Upgrade/disassemble equipment (available later in the game).

You can also quit to title screen anytime while not in battle by pressing Start, then Select, and choosing ‘Yes’.

You can restart any battle in the game by pressing Start, then Select, then choosing the top option, and choosing ‘Yes’. You will be returned to the map just before entering the battle.

If your leader is KOed, it is game over. Choose the top option to restart the battle by being returned to the map just before entering the battle. If you choose the bottom option, you will be returned to the title screen.

6. Linear Progression

The game is extremely linear as a rule. Chapters 1-10, as well as 12-13 have you going on a set path, with some detours that usually lead to fighting more enemies or finding a treasure. Chapter 11 is the only one with a rather large area to explore and multiple missions to complete. You will spend the majority of the game there.

You will be forced to play with fixed parties until the end of chapter 10 due to the nature of the story.

7. Roles

Eventually you’ll be able to assign roles to the characters:

a) Attacker / Commando - Excels at physical combat.

b) Blaster / Ravager - Excels at magical combat.

c) Defender / Sentinel - Draws enemy’s attention and acts as a tank.

d) Jammer / Saboteur - Pesters enemies with negative statuses.

e) Enhancer / Synergist - Protects the party with positive statuses.

f) Healer / Medic - Excels at healing the party and reviving KOed allies.

9. EXP / CP / Stats / Equipment

  • There are only three character stats: *HP* , *STR* and *MAG* .
  • There are only two types of equipment: *weapons* & *accessories* .
  • You can store a maximum of 999999 CP, the rest is then wasted.
  • EXP exists, but it is used for leveling up your equipment. EXP is not gained by winning battles. Imagine CP like the game's EXP.

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Six people, from very different backgrounds, get thrown together in a series of tumultuous events. A Pulse fal'Cie (a demi-god) has been found in the seaside town of Bodhum, a place where the fates of everyone converge and the discovery sets in motion a chain of events that will change the world forever. An innocent fireworks display in the town soon turns nasty when government soldiers storm the peaceful celebration and commit everyone to the Purge (sending individuals "contaminated" by the Pulse fal'Cie into exile). This is where your story and legend begins. Can you fight fate?

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