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Final Fantasy XIII
Strategy Guide

First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.00 (????) 26-02-2020 / 01:43 GMT

Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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12. Eden


Juggernaut / Power Glove

A tough enemy appears on both sides.

- Battle: Tyrant + [Centaurion Blade RF] / A

- Battle: Juggernaut / F

Tyrant guards nothing, so smash through the Juggernaut to be able to continue. More enemies block your way, though.

- Battle: 3x Sanctum Archangel / D

- Battle: Sanctum Archangel + 3x Sanctum Inquisitrix / A

- Battle: Sanctum Archangel + 2x Sanctum Inquisitrix / A

There’s a scene when you reach the fork. Go straight ahead to collect Treasure Balls with Power Glove (STR+150) , turn around and save at the Save Point, then proceed towards the destination. Pacify would-be stragglers as well.

- Battle: 2x Sacrifice / A

- Battle: 2x Sacrifice / A

- 3 Way Battle: Vernal Harvester + 2x Sacrifice / D

- Battle: Sacrifice / A

- Battle: Sacrifice / A

Open the Treasure Ball for Ethersol … a familiar airship is ahead! Our team was Light, Fang and Sazh. We suggest investing some Crystogen Points into Light’s Synergist role so that she helps with casting Bravery and Faith. Make these paradigms.


  2. RAV/COM/RAV (default)




Use Fortisol and Aegisol before battle.

Boss Battle: The Proudclad (2nd Encounter)

For this fight The characters' equipment should be optimized to 'offensive' and have 4000+ HP.

The Proudclad Stats
Level / HP LV 51 / 3,570,000 HP
Strength / Magic 477 STR / 0 MAG
Stagger / Chain Res. / CP 150% / 70 Chain Resistance / 100,000 CP
Vulnerabilities All Elements (Halved)
Common Drop / Rare Drop Royal Armlet, Eden Pharmaceuticals / None

Man, this stinks… The Proudclad is again immune to all debuffs and halves all elemental damage. But this changes a bit later in the battle, so wait for it. Using setup Stagger the boss for first time and keep at it until Chain Gauge is at 450-500%, then switch to for some big damage.

After its Stagger wears off, boss changes into flying form and becomes vulnerable to Deprotect and Deshell. But what’s that? It also recovers all HP! At this moment switch to to heal yourself, and then alternate between and as needed because boss will unleash some dangerous attacks (those attacks from both forms include Muon Blaster, Oneiric Maelstrom and Retaliatory Strike).

Note: That when boss changes forms, it resets own Chain Gauge so you have to start from beginning.

Wait until boss switches forms a couple of times before ending in flying form again, then switch to to bring it on! Note the amount of time boss has before it switches back to Annihilation mode.

Congratulations! You have defeated the Proudclad!

Killing the boss gives you Eden Pharmaceuticals Key Item which opens thirteenth shop at the Save Point. You can now buy Librascopes, Fortisols, Aegisols and Deceptisols! You don’t need to use the Save point, so just ride the elevator.

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