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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 3 - Lake Bresha

Amid Timebound Waves

Enemy Encounters

Name Notes
PSICOM Warden Very low HP, may fall to a single blow.
Breshan Bass Dangerous in large groups; high HP and weak to Fire and Lightning.
Pantheron A temporary inconvenience.
PSICOM Enforcer Can be felled with a stern look.

Another tutorial battle will take place, this time explaining Command Execution. You will be shown how to manually input commands instead of just using the Auto-battle function. See the tutorial page (link below) for further information. 200 Gil lies in an alcove just to the right of where the battle ended.

Command Execution Tutorial: More Info

Fight the 4x Breshan Bass and then claim the Silver Bangle from the Treasure Sphere.

Make your way down the slope after Vanille and Snow to happen upon yet more Cie’th which can be dispatched with ease. On the bridge, just past where you last fought is a Sphere with 5x Cie’th Tears . Take a leisurely stroll down the rest of the crystal slope into a clearing with some strange, hopping fish-like creatures. These are a new enemy; Breshan Bass. These little frogfish are easily staggered and don’t have particularly strong attacks (unless focused on one character) so don’t worry too much about them. You may have to heal a little with Solidarity but other than that, treat them like any other enemy.

The left path has another group of Bass to clear out. Use area of effect attacks like Blitz on this group to whittle their HP down a little easier. Collect the Silver Bangle nearby (equip it on Vanille) and return to the previous area. Move forward to a Save Point if you need and then keep going across the bridge. You will meet the others ahead and then a little way further along, the party will stop for another scene.

Tuft of Phoenix Down (Left) 50 Gil (Right).

Climb the slope to find a group of PSICOM enemies (looks like they’re still hanging around) and engage them. A nook nearby holds another Phoenix Down for you to procure. A little way up a slope to the right is another Sphere holding a paltry 50 Gil . Head under the debris to the next group of Pantherons. Make quick work of them and look to the left for 8x Strange Fluid nestled away in yet another Sphere.

Just ahead are a group of PSICOM soldiers guarding a Treasure Sphere. Two hits will bring them down leaving nothing to stop you obtaining the Magician’s Mark . This neat little accessory boosts Magic so it is perfect for Vanille and you should also place the Silver Bangle on Snow or Lightning.

8 X Strange Fluid (left) and a Magician's Mark (right).

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