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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
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Of Gods

An image of Pulse during the l'Cie's branding.


" It was the Great and Hallowed Pulse who, seeking to expand divine domain, parted the chaos and fashioned realm within; made fal'Cie, and charged them with this world's completion... " Analects - The Hallowed Pulse.

Also known as "The Maker", Pulse was revered by man so much that they named their world after him. Pulse created the Pulse fal'Cie and tasked them with completing the world. He then disappeared from history and little is known what became of him other than a few stories and myths. He is associated with the material realm and earthly things.


" Lindzei is cunning and false; sovereign to snakes and fiends; an anathema to be abhorred... " Analects - Fell Lindzei.

Often depicted as a trickster and a devil, much Pulsian lore is steeped in hatred for Lindzei because of the false promises and rather devious methods he used with humanity. Lindzei is the creator of Cocoon, creating both the fal'Cie and the world itself. His motives are mysterious and somewhat sinister. Lindzei is often associated with the heavens and celestial bodies.


" The Goddess pitied mortals, destined as they were to die, and so She deigned to intervene in the hour of their greatest peril. She averted cataclysm that was to be, and put to rest the ones who would have robbed so many of what time fate had ordained... " Analects - Her Providence.

Goddess of death and the afterlife, she welcomes departed souls with open arms. Etro is filled with compassion for humanity and is often said to intervene in a person's hour of greatest need. Noble souls find favor with her and such is her compassion, she risks all to save those she deems worthy. Etro is a key feature throughout the trilogy and is mentioned numerous times, with her role in the story growing even more in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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