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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 9 - The Palamecia

External Berths

Deckdrones and PSICOM Dragoons patrol the external area with the Dragoons being especially powerful. However strongly you may feel about using a Sentinel to get through battles, it will slow them down to a crawl. Relentless Assault combined with Diversity (RAV, COM and MED) will see you through any battles in this area.

From the Save Station, turn around and confront the two Deckdrones patrolling near a Sphere. Deckdrones are weak to Fire and Ice so bombard them with those elements and they will fall rapidly. The Sphere contains a chunk of Millerite so pick it up and head back.

Two more Deckdrones roam the walkways but a Dragoon is also flying nearby. Kill off the drones first before focusing on the Dragoon. Dragoons have a very high-powered attack in their Missile Burst so make sure to switch to a healing Paradigm when you see the notification or keep your party above half health.

PSICOM Dragoon / 3x Incentive Chip.

Follow the walkway forward then turn right into a group of five Deckdrones. Try to preempt them to make the battle a lot easier. Keep running right then go to the end of the ship and leap up to the higher platforms. Kill off the Dragoon nearby then pick up the 3x Incentive Chips from the Sphere. Proceed north in the direction of the marker and be wary of two Dragoons patrolling ahead. You will need to heal often during this fight so be ready to switch Paradigms regularly.

Keep killing enemy groups until you reach the next place where you need to jump to higher walkways. At the top, run to the end and collect the 4x Silicone Oil . Follow the marker onwards to the waypoint and the next area.

Millerite / 4x Silicone Oil

Power Tip : The External Berth and Crew Corridor areas are excellent for farming CP. Deckdrones also drop valuable components in the form of Digital Circuits and Silicone Oil as well as 141 CP per drone. Dragoons sometimes drop Incentive Chips which are worth 2,500 Gil when sold in shops. Inside the ship, the more dangerous enemies can be farmed for CP, Credit Chips (500 Gil) and Incentive Chips. To respawn all enemies, move between the External Berths and Crew Corridor boundaries.

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