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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 05-09-2019 / 11:41 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 11.6 - Gran Pulse - Oerba

Rust-eaten Bridge

Taming Pole location (left) and the scenery around the Rust-eaten Bridge (right).

Proceed down the tracks, fighting off the Varcolaci and Seekers in the way and then destroy the Vetala to access the Sphere holding the Taming Pole (weapon for Fang that initially has Stagger Lock but can be synthesized to gain the Random Instant Chain ability).

Pass through the gap and carry on down the tracks, scouring the skies for Varcolaci. A Vampire and three Seekers make up the final threats in this area. An Ethersol can be found just next to the Save Station, which you should make use of now before a tough boss fight.

Our team was Light, Fang and Sazh - Fang learned the Healer role and advanced far enough for her to learn Cure and Esuna. Make these paradigms:



  3. RAV/SAB/RAV (default)




Buy some Foul Liquids and Antidotes, because having Light not able to move due to the Daze status is really annoying and can cause a game over. Equip some accessories that guard against Poison and Daze, cast a Fortisol and Aegisol, then proceed towards the destination.

Barthandelus (Second Form)

At first, Barthandelus only has access to a relatively weak laser attack that hits one party member. As he switches form, he uses the laser attack more frequently, and gains status-inflicting area-of-effect spells, including Poisonga, Cursega and Dazega.

Barthandelus (Second Form) Stats
Level / HP LV 55 / 3,207,500 HP
Strength / Magic 413 STR / 660 MAG
Stagger / Chain Res. / CP 300% / 60 Chain Resistance / 100,000 CP
Vulnerabilities All Elelements (Halved)
Common Drop / Rare Drop Goddess's Favor (100%) / None

Thankfully there’s only one target this time. While Light and Sazh blast the boss with magic, wait until Fang sticks Deprotect, Deshell and Slow on the boss. You’re very likely to Stagger him since he has low Chain Gauges of 200% - as soon as that happens, switch to setup and raise his Chain Gauges to about 500% before switching to setup to radically increase damage output. Keep up the assault until Stagger wears off.

Barthandelus’s 'face' will soon change into two faces, then four, and finally it’ll open up to reveal a big face, with two smaller heads on each side. Each small head will frequently emit a beam that hits one character, in addition to the main head using its own attacks.

When the bigger head appears, Barthandelus will use Apoptosis which dispels all your buffs and removes his own debuffs. At this point switch to setup to heal your wounds and have Sazh reapply some buffs like Haste, Faith and Bravery.

Be on the lookout for his attack notifications and switch to setup in time to reduce the damage from Thanatosian Laughter . After you’re properly healed, switch to setup to have Fang stick some debuffs on him before you return to attacking. Staggering the boss for a second time should have you emerge victorious. If the boss succeeds in sticking Daze on Lightning, immediately toss a Foul Liquid to cure it.

It is possible to obtain a Deceptisol after battle.

Crystarium Expanded!

Examine the Cie’th stone for a scene.

Now that your Crystarium has increased to level 9, take a look at it. 12000 CP minimum? Wow. We strongly advise that you devote some time to CP gathering because enemies in Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 aren’t a joke. We spent around four hours or so gathering enough CP to unlock all the nodes in each character’s primary roles.

You can now return to the Archylte Steppe to grind some enemies if you want to. In the area called Mah’habara - An Asylum from Light you’ll find a group of six Cryohedrons - upon quick defeat they depart with 7,140 CP for you to collect. At the moment we find this to be the most lucrative spot. Completing some minor Cie’th stone missions may also be a good idea at the current time. See the relevant guide section for information on those.

After you’re done, return to Oerba and examine the airship to take off.


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