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Final Fantasy XIII
Strategy Guide

First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.00 (????) 14-11-2019 / 07:25 GMT

Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 1 - Hanging Edge

Aerorail Trussway 6-W

Potions - You will face a lot of battles in the early stages of the game. At this point, Potions are plentiful and powerful so should be used whenever your health gets fairly low. Don’t worry about running out because the game does a good job of providing you with plenty to get you through.

Gadot and Lebreau join you for the next part and will fight alongside you. They are only guest party members though but it is welcome help considering the amount of enemies you’re about to face. Battle your way past the various groups of enemies until another cutscene breaks up the gameplay.

An Iron Bangle sits in a sphere nearby. Equip it on Snow immediately. One thing to note about items and your inventory in general: no matter if your party is separated, whatever they pick up will be shared across everyone. So it is a good idea to unequip accessories you wish to use on another party before moving to the next section. We will try and warn you in the game when this may be a good idea but just keep it in mind.

Smash your way through enemy reinforcements until you see a massive creature in the distance. Does it look familiar? The Beta Behemoth waits for you…

Boss: Beta Behemoth

The Beta Behemoth is the first Behemoth-type enemy to be encountered, and is fought by Snow, Gadot, and Lebreau.

Beta Behemoth Stats
Level / HP LV 20 / 1,800 HP
Strength / Magic 95 STR / 0 MAG
Stagger / Chain Res. / CP 200% / 70 CR / 0 CP
Vulnerabilities Lightning (Weak) / Water (Weak)
Common Drop / Rare Drop Potion x5 (100%) / None

Cool design, but you haven’t seen everything yet in terms of Behemoths. Wait for later in the game. Anyway, this beast attacks by swiping at your characters four times (careful, it can hit more than one character at a time), and then uses Heave for some heavy damage. Worry not, one of your guest combatants has brought plenty of Potions, so go all out on the foe and don’t worry about HP.

After the battle you get 5x Potions.

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