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Final Fantasy XIII
Strategy Guide

First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.00 (????) 05-07-2020 / 17:40 GMT

After a cutscene introducing you to a new type of enemy, the Pantherons, the battle begins in earnest. You will gain access to a new attack - the Blitz command. Make use of it now to clear away the enemies with ease.

Blitz Command - A Commando staple, Blitz is best used when groups of enemies are swarming close together. Unlike the basic Attack command, it takes two segments of ATB but can hit a wide area and do a good amount of damage as well. Do not waste a Blitz attack on a solitary enemy because it is not stronger than two Attacks strung together. Thankfully, the game’s Auto-battle AI does a good job of recognizing situations where it should be used.

Upon dispatching the enemy group, climb the stairs on the right to collect 2x Potion from the treasure sphere. Save your game at the Save Point, then jump over the crates to the next area.

Blitz (left) is excellent for damaging multiple enemies at once. Potion x 2 treasure sphere (right).

If you take a glance above you, you may spot some aerial soldiers gliding around. These are Aerial Recon soldiers and are reasonably tough. A Warden will join this one in battle but you shouldn’t have too much trouble taking them both out the same way you’ve been doing. Just keep a check on the Missile Burst attack the Aerial Recon enemy will shoot at you and simply pummel away.

After the battle, another set of stairs can be climbed where an Iron Bangle awaits. This is an accessory and should be equipped immediately by visiting the Equipment menu. Accessories confer all kinds of bonuses on your characters and are an essential part of augmenting them. Knowing what accessory to equip for certain enemies will make battles with them so much easier. Simply follow the path around and then jump down (after eyeing up a large monster in the distance) to reach the next area.

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