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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 7 - Palumpolum

The Metrostile

Enemy Encounters

Name Notes
Corps Tranquifex Weak to Lightning; water damage halved but easily Staggered.
Corps Pacifex Weak to Lightning.
Falco Velocycle Physical and magical damage halved; weak to Lightning.
Flanitor Heals allies with Rescue ability.
Lucidon Massive damage resistance until Staggered; immune to status ailments.
Orion Very fast attack speed; weak to Ice and Water.
PSICOM Bombardier Huge Strength and high HP.
PSICOM Scavenger Above-average HP.
PSICOM Predator Inflicts the Curse status ailment.
PSICOM Warlord High HP, dodges regularly; employs very dangerous attacks after using Activate Manadrive.

As before, you should spend some time in the Crystarium when you regain control. Lightning will spend much of this Chapter working as a Ravager so focus on unlocking Overwhelm, Thundara and Blizzard; after that, unlock Smite in the Commando role.

Hope should unlock Thundara and Watera in the Ravager role, then complete the rings just above the three Role Level crystals before working on the uppermost rings of the Medic and Synergist roles. Your Paradigms should have remained unchanged so keep them as they are. Do not forget to equip accessories as well.

Go forth to fight the Corps Tranquifex soldiers who will go down in a flash. Take out the trio of them just ahead before following the little path north to the dead end to find 3x Fiber-optic Cables in a Sphere. Return to the scene of the battle and drop down to the steel pipe just to the north and run along it until you can take a left to find 3x Holy Waters .

3 x Corps Tranquifex (left) and the 3x Fiber-optic Cable location (right).

Jump out of the pipe and kill off the soldiers in the complex before proceeding up some stairs. Watch out for the Falco Velocycle gliding around above you; it falls quickly when Staggered so switch to Dualcasting at around 40% Chain Gauge to accelerate this process. Follow the path through more steel piping until you jump into a larger area. Turn back then right here to collect a Librascope from a Sphere.

Follow the path to a scene and then you will see some moving platforms in the distance. Flick the switch on the right to activate one and ride it to the other side.

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