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Final Fantasy XIII
Strategy Guide

First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.00 (????) 06-07-2020 / 23:55 GMT

Enemy Encounters

Name Notes
Managarmr Can inflict Imperil and Curse; powerful attacks; absorbs Lightning but weak to Water.
Amphisbaena Immune to Earth but weak to Lightning and Wind; resistant to magic, high HP and several status immunities.
Goblin Can morph into Goblin Chieftain.
Goblin Chieftain Resistant to Lightning and Wind; immune to Earth and physical damage halved; bestows Bravery.
Munchkin Can morph into Munchkin Maestro.
Munchkin Maestro Weak to Ice and Wind but immune to Lightning; strong attacks but falls with a focused assault; bestows Bravery.
Pulsework Gladiator Resistant to everything except Water; disabled once Staggered.
Ambling Bellows Resistant to physical and Ice; magic halved but weak to Lightning, Water and Earth; can summon allies.
Cryptos Weak unless it employs buffs; quite powerful when this happens.
Gurangatch Typical Armadillon-type enemy - massively resistant to everything until Staggered; incredibly weak thereafter.
Gelatitan Fire, Ice and Physical halved; Water absorbed but weak to Lightning; inflicts status ailments.

In the Tower's shadow (left) and the Mark battle (right).

Heading into the Tower, we changed our setup a little for the battles to come from this point on (this doesn't include bosses):

  • Lightning with Enkindler, Aurora Scarf, Ribbon, Sprint Shoes

  • Vanille with Malboro Wand, Sprint Shoes, Survivalist Catalog, and Speed Sash

  • Fang with Calamity Spear, 2x Speed Sash and Sprint Shoes

Paradigms were as follows:

Safe Subversion : MED/SAB/SAB Relentless Assault : RAV/RAV/COM Combat Clinic : MED/MED/SEN Aggression : COM/RAV/COM Premediation : SAB/SYN/SEN Recuperation : SYN/MED/SYN

We taught Light some skills from SYN and SAB roles, Vanille was taught some skills from the SYN role, and Fang also got some skills from SYN role. Learn the first four or so, and leave the rest for later, because the Crystogen Points cost is not worth it. For Sazh also invest some Crystogen Points into his Medic Role so that he learns Cure.

This is one of the best areas in the game to see Cocoon from Gran Pulse (left). Watch out for Feeding Stoop when fighting Amphisbaena (right).

There is also a Cie’th Stone here (Mission 20) if you wish to complete it now but otherwise, simply head towards the Tower entrance. Along the way you will fight Managarmr which are similar to the other wolf-like enemies you have battled. They are weak to Water and absorb Lightning and should be relatively easy at this stage in the game. A preemptive strike will see you through swiftly, otherwise, Relentless Assault will ensure victory.

Circling the skies overhead is an Amphisbaena. You may have fought them previously in the Archylte Steppe but if not, you should know that this dragon-type enemy is weak to Lightning. The Delta Attack and Mystic Tower Paradigms will be useful until you have Staggered it as will a Paradigm with a MED to heal any status ailments. Once Staggered, go all out with your assault for a swift victory. Just be aware of the “Feeding Stoop” ability which is why you should have a SEN at all times until you are stronger.

If you opted to kill the Mark here, you can find it just near the Treasure Sphere (which contains 20x Sinister Fangs ). After you’re done, head along the narrow path to the Tyrant's Gate.

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