Enemy Encounters

Name Notes
Bloodfang Bass Very low HP, when mixed with Breshans, kill these first.
Alpha Behemoth Powerful but slow and easily Staggered.
PSICOM Tracker Reasonable HP total but no real threat.
Watchdrone Extremely fast and take priority when in mixed groups. Weak to Lightning and Water.
PSICOM Ranger Weak but can augment allies.
Ciconia Velocycle Halves physical/magic damage, sustains 10% of usual damage when Charging but loses resistances when Staggered.

After the scenes, the new team will be Lightning, Vanille and Sazh. Rejig any accessories and equipment should you need to and then run quite a long way, cross a bridge until you reach a new group of enemies. The path splits further ahead so take the right one first to pick up 6x Strange Fluid then jump down and surprise some Pantherons. Get rid of them and you will see two narrow walkways ahead. The left one houses two Treasure Spheres that contain 240 Gil and the Deneb Duellers (a new weapon for Sazh which you should equip now).

After you cross the ice bridge you will reach 240 Gil (left) and Deneb Duellers. (right)

Cross the chasm to the other side by taking the right path and when you reach the far side, you will be set upon by a massive group of Breshan Bass. This time Bloodfang Bass will make an appearance and they should be killed first because they can cause more problems than the basic Bass. Turn slightly back on yourself to reach another little path that leads to a platform with more evil fish and a Sphere holding 6x Enigmatic Fluid.

Climb back up to the wider area, run ahead until you see a downed machine and then examine it. Lightning will decide to use it to blast a hole in the crystal wall but doing so unleashes a group of Bass that want a piece of you. Before you decide to make fish pie out of them, head up the slope on the right, fight off the group of Pantherons and collect 7x Wicked Fangs . Finally, approach the bridge, clear out the fish stupid enough to confront you and continue to the Save Point.

Use the Cannon to destroy the Ice Wall. (left) Collect the 7x Wicked Fangs. (right)

In the clearing ahead, an Alpha Behemoth battle serves to teach you how to use Techniques effectively. Do not spend too much time on this battle. Instead, push for a quick Stagger using Relentless Assault or you will find yourself facing the Exterminator Mode from the Behemoth. It gets a massive boost in parameters and at this point, will be very difficult to kill. Finish the battle then run right to pick up a Librascope and then cross over a makeshift bridge and up a slope for a scene.

New Enemy: Alpha Behemoth

Follow Vanille all the way down and battle the PSICOM soldiers patrolling at the bottom. Head on up and you will run into some new enemies at the top in the form of Watchdrones. They like to focus attacks on one person which can quickly remove HP but they have a small amount of HP themselves and can be quickly dismantled. Retrieve the 2x Digital Circuit from the Sphere before moving onwards. A group of PSICOM Trackers will be your final enemies in this area and should be treated with caution.

Don’t miss the Librascope and 2x Digital Circuit Treasure Spheres.

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