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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 5 - The Gapra Whitewood

Environmental Regulation

A much needed Save Station is found upon entering this area. Some of the barriers here are set as traps and, when entering the area or opening any Treasure Spheres, will unleash enemies. With that in mind, be wary as you make your way around.

The barrier on the left can be accessed by going to one end and edging around it. Behind the forcefield is another Feral Behemoth and a Sphere containing 1,500 Gil . A small group of enemies lingers nearby but they have nothing special to note so continue on to find a trio of Barbed Specters of which you should aim for a preemptive strike.

Feral Behemoth. (left) Watchman's Amulet (right).

In the right corner lies a trap because, as you approach the enemy party, a barrier will erect behind you, blocking your escape. Simply dispatch the enemies to remove it. The problem is that a Feral Behemoth and several Crawlers make up the group so focus on ridding yourself of the Crawler problem, heal, and then slay the Behemoth as normal. Pick up your slightly rubbish reward of 8x Fragrant Oils and continue onwards.

A two-way battle between a Behemoth and two Lobos gives you a chance for a preemptive strike and an easy battle. Kill the Lobos first before tackling the hulking monster. Do not climb to the next waypoint just yet - instead turn left to discover another ambush by a Feral Behemoth and a Barbed Specter, who conceal a Watchman’s Amulet . A preemptive strike should make the clash a formality. Proceed up the stairs after you’re done and then take the elevator down.

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