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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Missions 61-64

Mission 64: The Doomherald

Enemy Info

Mark Vercingetorix
Stone Location Oerba - Rust-eaten Bridge
Mark Location Yaschas Massif - Paddraean Archaeopolis
Class A
Additional Foes
Initial Reward Gold Watch
Repeat Reward Bomb Core x10
Prerequisite Access ship to Eden, Missions 27 and 51

Vercingetorix, bane lord of the Undying, lives on. But how? I smote the fiend’s ruin so long ago it seems an eternity. Yet it was my Focus then, as it is now, and at his end I turned to crystal. Did some unearthly power quicken his lifeless corpse again, even as I dreamt? No matter. I know where he lurks: in the Paddraean archaeopolis, whose doom he did herald. There do I go, to bury the beast as many times as I must.


The Stone is found at the end of the broken railway bridge in Oerba, where Barthandelus was fought at the end of Chapter 11. The Cie’th Stone and the mark are on the furthest opposing ends of Gran Pulse: Vercingetorix is found in Yaschas Massif Paddraean Archaeopolis.

Note: Vercingetorix, along with the Long Gui, can be considered the game’s superbosses.

[Left] Vercingetorix Enemy Intel. [Right] The final battle! Good luck!


Well this is it, the final mission and as expected it won’t be easy. Your mark 15.7+ million HPs. We would suggest popping a Fortisol and Aegisol to eliminate the need to buff in battle, at least for a while.

This creature uses Impregnable Aura, a shield that blocks damage from both physical and magic attacks; it also drains the chain gauge back to nothing and locks it. Fortunately, the barrier dissipates pretty quick. Have your Saboteurs stick Deshell, Deprotect, Imperil and Poison. As soon as the shield clears, quickly fill the chain gauge by constantly shifting between Relentless Assault and Tri-disaster as soon as your party finishes one attack run, so it’s important that you have multiple copies of Tri-disaster and Relentless Assault in your paradigm deck.

Once the mark staggers, build the stagger meter up some before shifting to Cerberus for some major damage pile up. Heal and rebuff using the Convalescence (SYN/SYN/MED) paradigm.

  • **Rank earned:** Deliverer of Souls
  • ***"5-Star All Missions" Rank:*** Great Redeemer

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