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Final Fantasy XIII
Strategy Guide

First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.00 (????) 22-02-2020 / 16:05 GMT

Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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12. Eden

Leviathan Plaza

Enemy Encounters

Name Notes
Juggernaut Physical/magic damage halved; very powerful attacks and extremely high HP.
Sanctum Celebrant Fairly slow attack rate but powerful when they do strike.
Adamantoise Avoid at all costs unless significantly levelled - these can kill your party leader with a single blow.
Sacrifice Physical damage halved; Anathema ability inflicts four status ailments on target; can instant KO.
The Proudclad (Second Encounter) Can change between walking and aerial forms, with the former becoming more dangerous as battle progresses; all elemental damage halved; immune to all status ailments.

Go straight ahead at the fork to get the Treasure Ball with Antares Deluxes (Sazh weapon), turn around and save at the Save Point, then take the other path to continue. You’ll reach a badly damaged road, turn right and begin smashing thru enemies.

- Battle: 2x Humbaba / D

- Battle: Juggernaut / A

- Battle: Humbaba / A

- Battle: Juggernaut / F

- Battle: 2x Humbaba / D

Save at the Save Point, then continue.

- Battle: Adamantoise + Left Foreleg + Right Foreleg / D

- Battle: Sanctum Celebrant + Sanctum Archangel / A

- Battle: Sanctum Celebrant + Sanctum Archangel / A

When you enter the huge building, there are two Treasure Balls ahead, but you can only get one, because as soon as you approach the other one, Adamantoise will enter the building, smash the glass ground you’re on and fall down along with both Treasure Balls. The left one has 6x Particle Accelerator , right one has Plush Chocobo .

Plush Chocobo is in the right Treasure Sphere.

Note: You can obtain both Treasure Balls, provided you smash Adamantoise with help of Vanille’s Death spell. When the battle starts, summon Hecatoncheir which will insta-disable both legs and cause Adam to fall to the ground. Cast Vigilance on Vanille and then dismiss Hecatoncheir so that other two girls return and switch to SAB/SAB/SAB paradigm to increase the odds of Death succeeding in KOing the Adamantoise.

Kill all enemies in the lobby.

- Battle: Humbaba / A

- Battle: Humbaba / A

- Battle: 2x Sanctum Celebrant + Sanctum Archangel / D

- Battle: 2x Sanctum Celebrant + 2x Sanctum Archangel / A

Poke into dead ends on the sides to find two Treasure Balls with 17x Hellish Talon , and 12x Hellish Talon respectively; then go through the door at the destination marker.

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