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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 7 - Palumpolum

Rivera Towers

Run forward for another brief scene and then wipe out the Snipers who patrol above you. Follow the jump markers all the way down and then turn back on yourself to grab the Shaman’s Mark from the Sphere before the Falco Velocycle approaches. If you combine both the Magician’s Mark and Shaman’s Mark on Hope, you can get a massive +70 Magic boost.

The Velocycle will no doubt be upon you so turn to face it. Its Gatling Gun attack can only be withstood by Snow as a Sentinel so switch to the Lifeguard (SEN and MED) Paradigm whenever you see the notification. Head north, kill the Snipers, then climb on to the walkways. Sticking out on the right is a Treasure Sphere containing the Vidofnir weapon for Hope (increases duration of status enhancements).

3x PSICOM Aerial Sniper (left) and the Shaman's Mark (right).

Return to the other walkway and hop up to collect 3x Thrust Bearings before running on into another battle with a Velocycle. In the right corner just past the battle is a Deceptisol . You can avoid the next lot of enemies and carry onwards if you wish.

After defeating them, follow the very thin walkway to the end and retrieve a nice 2,000 Gil . Press on along the tracks, watching out for more Aerial Snipers on the way until you can jump to a higher track. You may wish to use the Deceptisol you found earlier for the next fight which pits you against a Velocycle and two Aerial Snipers. If you cast Quake at the start, you can Stagger all enemies immediately and make what would have been a five minute fight last mere seconds.

The Falco Velocycle is a powerful adversary (left). Vidofnir location (right).

Spend your CP, save your game and prepare yourself for the next boss fight.

Prepare the following paradigms:

  1. COM/RAV

  2. COM/RAV

  3. SEN/MED

  4. SEN/SYN (default)

  5. RAV/RAV

  6. RAV/RAV

Give Snow the Doctor’s Code accessory and Tungsten Bangle , while Hope should have 2x Tungsten Bangle .

Boss Battle: Ushumgal Subjugator (1st Encounter)

The boss remains in an aerial state throughout the battle, mainly attacking with the Fire-based Napalm. Hope's Barfire can neutralize this threat easily.

Ushumgal Subjugator Stats
Level / HP LV 57 / 126,000 HP
Strength / Magic 171 STR / 0 MAG
Stagger / Chain Res. / CP 150% / 95 Chain Resistance / 960 CP
Vulnerabilities Lightning (Weak)
Common Drop / Rare Drop Abominable Wing (100%) / None

There is an advanced combat trick you should perform during this fight - once you execute all of your attacks, and you then immediately switch to another paradigm, your ATB will be full immediately. This is known as ATB Refresh and with this you can quickly chain attacks together - unfortunately you can do this only for every other paradigm (or else you’d be winning battles too cheaply).

At the start of battle wait until Hope gives both characters Barfire and Protect. Then switch to setup , launch an attack and immediately switch to setup to launch another attack. Then alternate between setups and until the boss powers up. It’ll gain Bravery, but it will also have Deprotect and Deshell as well as lower chain resistance, making it easier to Stagger it. Don’t let your HP fall below 400, as its Tail Hammer hurts a lot. You’ll need roughly one or two Staggers to finish off the boss.

After the battle you may obtain a Deceptisol.

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