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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Missions 11-20

Mission 12: Geiseric, the Profane

Enemy Info

Mark Geiseric
Stone Location Archylte Steppe - Arid Strath
Mark Location Archylte Steppe - Western Benchland
Class C
Additional Foes None
Initial Reward Royal Armlet
Repeat Reward Bomb Core x5
Prerequisite Missions 05 & 07

The Undying—fearsome Cie'th who defy fal'Cie will, driven by an intense loathing of all that lives. Geiseric, the Profane, is of their number, and my Focus is his doom. He is said to lead a horde of Cie'th on the steppe's western benchland. To think you would become such a Cie'th, Geiseric! You, who would not harm a fly. Whatever part of you lingers in that grotesque prison of crystal and flesh must suffer. I will set you free my friend.


To reach the target for this mission turn around and head out of the canyon and follow the wall to the left until you reach the next indented area - you will see the marker on the map well before you get there. As this is to be a more challenging fight, it would be an idea to go in with some shrouds cast, right?

As you follow the cliff face you will encoutner a Treasure Sphere with 5 Librascopes in it. When you reach the area where the marker is on the map you trigger the CS in which the monster spawns - and it really is a monster! You’ll notice that the Cie'th stone for this mission is glowing red and placed next to a similarly red-colored barrier. In order to proceed past it, you’ll first need to take Gieseric down.

[Left] Gieseric Enemy Info. [Right] The battle begins!


He’s not a pushover, but he’s also not too difficult to tackle: just remember that your standard Commando skills aren’t going to be very effective - Ruin spell damage is halved and physical strikes do nothing. He’s weak to almost every element you can toss at him, so get your Blasters in there and go for the kill.

  • **Rank earned:** Baneslayer

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