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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Chapter 9 - The Palamecia

Starboard Weather Deck

We return to the main party aboard the Starboard Weather Deck.

Control will turn back to the main party again. This place is full of some sizeable groups of familiar enemies so creating the Delta Attack (SEN as Fang, COM and RAV) will provide protection against the worst attacks. Remember to use Relentless Assault once the odds turn back in your favor for a quick finish.

At the start, turn around to confront the trio of Vespid Soldiers then retrieve the Whistlewind Scarf from the Sphere behind them. Follow the marker to the first group of moving barriers. Enemies lurk behind these so keep an eye out on your minimap for them. A trio of Vespid Soldiers roam behind the first set followed by a group of two Dragoons and a Viking. You may need to employ Delta Attack for the first part of this battle just to be sure of victory.

Fight the 2x Vespid Soldier and Viking then claim the Whistlewind Scarf from the Treasure Sphere behind you.

On the right side lies another Perfect Conductor and just down the ramp is a massive group of Vespid Soldiers and Deckdrones. Seven Deckdrones huddled in a corner nearby pose a much greater threat than they would normally. If four or more combine to perform the Tornado Kick attack, you will need Fang as a SEN so use of Delta Attack is a must during this fight. Tornado Kick will wipe out anyone who isn’t a SEN so just make sure Fang is healed enough to absorb the attack. Whittle their numbers down then switch to Relentless Assault to finish off.

The same tactics can be applied to most other groups here. Keep blasting your way through to the next Save Station. From here, run out to the pointed edge of the path and collect the 13x Barbed Tails from the Sphere there. Run down the ramp and destroy the next few groups of enemies and then search for the next Treasure Sphere. This one is partially concealed but you can climb the nearby moving ramp in the middle to reach the 300 Gil which probably isn’t worth it but the more Gil you have, right?

Perfect conductor location (left) and the 2x Vespid Soldier/ 3x Deck Drone battle (right).

Climb out of the pit and continue on, fighting the hordes to the left corner, to pick up another Spark Ring . Prepare your Paradigms, equipment and spend CP because you’re about to face another boss!

Equip all characters with Spark Rings , then give Lightning a Doctor’s Code , and prepare for a boss battle. Prepare the following paradigms:



  3. MED/SYN/SEN (default)




Boss Battle: Kalavinka Striker

It is best to have two Ravagers and a Saboteur in the beginning in order to amass a chain bonus while also casting Curse and Slow. Switch to Relentless Assault or Aggression to finish the beast off.

Kalavinka Striker Stats
Level / HP LV 56 / 108,000 HP
Strength / Magic 185 STR / 0 MAG
Stagger / Chain Res. / CP 300% / 25 Chain Resistance / 1,280 CP
Vulnerabilities Lightning (Absb) / Wind (1/2) / Physical (1/2)
Common Drop / Rare Drop Soulfont Talisman (100%) / None

Have Fang stick Slow and Curse on the boss, while Hope adds Protect, Shell and Barthunder. Meanwhile, Light should heal with Cure or Cura (Potions are preferred however). This will seriously cripple the boss’s offensive abilities to do damage to you. The Striker doesn’t have mush resistance to offer in this first encounter, so it’ll fall soon. You may obtain a Deceptisol after the battle.

The fight continues… Have Fang stick Slow and Curse on the boss once more, while Hope adds the previous buffs. Light should act as the Medic during this phase, preferably using Potions for quick healing. This time around, the boss has more HP and is harder to Stagger due to higher chain resistance. Take care not to allow your HP to fall below 500 because the boss has access to the fearsome Hellstorm Bolt , a strong thunder attack which can hit for about 800 damage (if not protected by Shell and Barthunder).

You may obtain an Aegisol after the battle.

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