(Left) The Pulse Vestige - Lowerworld Vestige. (Right) Save Point.

Enemy Encounters

Name Notes
Pantheron Easily Staggered. Mildly dangerous in numbers.
Zwerg Scandroid Limited detection field makes it easy for preemptive strikes.
Myrmidon Tough for area. Dangerous if attacks focused on one person.

A new shop, the B&W Outfitters, will become available upon your arrival here. It only sells Iron Bangles right now so it is advisable to save your Gil. Do not be tempted to sell anything either at this stage because almost everything you pick up will become useful at some point. Gil is hard to come by so you should save as much as you can.

B&W Outfitters menu where you can purchase items such as Iron Bangles for 500 Gil which increase your HP.

Before heading into the Vestige properly, take a right to find a Treasure Sphere with 30 Gil inside. Go back to the area with the Save Point and head up the stairs to the north where you will run into your first battle here. You may find that you receive Shrouds from the enemies here: Fortisol or Deceptisol. Shrouds can be used (L1/LB to bring up the menu outside of battle) just before entering a battle to give you an advantage during that battle. Fortisol offers a nice buff to make you stronger and faster, while Deceptisol makes you invisible, allowing for easy preemptive strikes. This place is perfect for farming for Shrouds, which you should do given the scarcity of them during the game. However, you should only use them for strong enemies because of their rarity.

Head left after defeating the Pantheron and engage the group of Zwerg Scandroids. These little robots have a terrible field of vision and offer consistent preemptive strike opportunities. After the battle, break open the Sphere for 4x Potions . It is prudent to remember that you cannot open Treasure Spheres if an enemy is nearby. You must defeat all enemies in the vicinity before the Sphere can be unlocked.

Kill the enemies on the right side and then run back until you see a set of stairs leading down. Descend them and a little tutorial window explaining preemptive strikes will pop up. Read the information, or see our tutorial on it if you wish to learn more. Try for a preemptive strike on the group of enemies guarding the treasure. An Iron Bangle is your reward from the Sphere so equip it on one of your characters for a small, but useful, boost to their HP.

Turn around and leap over the rubble to reach the next area but be prepared for the Pantherons that rush at you. Proceed to the marker on your map to continue on. Should you get lost, you can bring up a larger map by pressing Square/X to see where you need to go.

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