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Final Fantasy XIII
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First Published: 11-06-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
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Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Missions 41-50

Mission 46: On Silent Wings (Titan Quest E-2)

Enemy Info

Mark Zirnitra
Stone Location Faultwarrens - Salamandrine Path
Mark Location Faultwarrens - Titan's Throne
Class A
Additional Foes None
Initial Reward Gilgamesh Inc.
Repeat Reward Bomb Core x10
Prerequisite Mission 42

The soul’s journey has no end. The truth it seeks lies hidden deep within. Entreat with the zirnitra, who scours the skies in search of answers, and become one with life’s circle here again.


This is one of the tough fights (Class A) and your target is a Zirnitra, As you enter the area of the fight the Fal’Cie will summon the mark.

[Left] Zirnitra Enemy Intel. [Right] Mark Location.


Zirnitra is a right two-faced bastard, hitting hard, afflicting you with Poison, and absorbing a lot of the spells you might attempt to throw at it. You’ll want to first focus on evening the odds with a Medic to keep everyone healthy and a Saboteur to negate some of his defenses and slow him down. Switch to a Synergist role to increase your abilities once you’ve managed to hold him off for a while (a Sentinel helps greatly with this). He only takes 180% to Stagger, but getting him to that point with your party still alive is the challenge – once you’ve got everyone boosted and saddled him with a few downgrades, set a pair of your party on the offense and keep one in the background for healing duty. This won’t be the last encounter with Zirnitra, and it won’t get any easier, either.

Rank earned: Halcyonian Hero

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