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God of War: Ragnarok

All Collectibles in The Below

Nathan Garvin

This page will reveal the location of every collectible in The Below, a region of Alfheim in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok - The Below Collectibles Locations in Alfheim

Collectible Quantity
Nornir Chests 1
Legendary Chests 1
Lore 1

(1 of 2) Head to the south-center of The Barrens,

Head to the south-center of The Barrens, (left), where you’ll find a cave leading to The Below. (right)

How to Find The Below

The Below is an optional region in Alfheim where the majority of the favor Secret of the Sands takes place, and as its name suggest it lies below another region - The Barrens.

During the fourth main quest, Groa’s Secret, you’ll travel to Alfheim, where you’ll end up exploring the The Strond and the Temple of Light. Afterwards you’ll return to the Mystic Gate from whence you came, but before you go through a new region will be revealed, and you’ll be given the opportunity to explore.

Go through the circular gate to the northeast and you’ll reach The Canyon, a linear area you’ll need to pass through in order to reach a much larger, collectible-rich area - The Barrens. As you’re making your way from The Canyon to The Barrens you’ll be approached by a Gulon-drawn sled, which functions much like the wolf sled you used at the beginning of the game.

Use your convenient new means of conveyance and head to the south-center of The Barrens, where you’ll find a cave. Enter and descend a pit and you’ll find yourself in The Below.

(1 of 4) Ricochet the Leviathan Axe off a twilight stone to sever numerous hive tendrils at once,

Where to Find All Lore in The Below

Rune Reads - Patience

From the entrance to The Below, follow the linear path ahead, clear some hive by severing a hive tendril with the Leviathan Axe, then kill a Dark Elf. After this you’ll need to ricochet the Leviathan Axe off a twilight stone to send it through three hive tendrils in one throw to clear the way to a room full of Dark Elves. Kill them, then climb a wall to the north.

Once atop the wall, head east, then south and look down a ledge at the hive tendrils. Line them up and cut them down to remove the hive, then drop down two ledges to find the Rune Reads - Patience, which just so happens to be the one and only lore collectible in The Below.

Either free-aim at the loot lizard, or use a twilight stone to bounce the Leviathan Axe into the beast.

How to Kill the Loot Lizard in The Below

In the same room as the Rune Reads - Patience Lore (above) you can find a Loot Lizard (Urmr). This elusive critter can be found along the southwestern end of the room, near where you entered. Defeat the Dark Elves, climb the wall to the north, then look back southwest. As long as you’re not on the ground floor, the Loot Lizard should emerge from its hidey-hole. As usual, you need to strike this monster with the Leviathan Axe, but it can’t see the attack coming. Fortunately being up on this ledge should suffice if you aim properly, but you can also ricochet the Leviathan Axe off a twilight stone on the wall opposite the Loot Lizard if you’d prefer a more sure-fire solution.

(1 of 5) You can find a Nornir Chest between two doors - make sure they’re both open.

Where to Find All Nornir Chests in The Below

The next collectible requires you to advance through The Below a bit.

From where you smote the Loot Lizard, climb a ledge and exit out into the cavern to the northwest, then slide down a rope and turn right, following the walkway until you reach an apparent dead-end. Use the Blades of Chaos to cross the chasm and note the sealed door in front of you. You’ll need to get this open to access one of the rune gongs you need to strike to open the Nornir Chest.

First, however, another door awaits. Drop down a ledge to the southwest, kill two Wretches, then turn right (north) to spot a twilight stone on the cavern wall. Bounce the Leviathan Axe off the twilight stone and aim it so it cuts through several hive tendrils to clear some hive off the wall. Once turn, turn around (south) and drop off a ledge. Kill two more Wretches (these ones explode) and a Nightmare, then note the Nornir Chest nearby. Open the door to the east, and note that there’s a rune gong on a ledge to the left just through the door, and another rune gong northeast of the Nornir Chest.

Climb back up to the previous door and use the Blades of Chaos to grapple back across the chasm, this time taking a route that was obstructed by the hive previously. Now that you’ve cleared out the hive you can cross the chasm to reach a ledge to the east. When you reach it, turn right (south) and look off a ledge to spot the third rune gong in the window. Drop down and open the door, then get ready to open the Nornir Chest.

  • Rune 1: After opening the second door, look up and right to spot this rune gong in a window. You need to ring this one first, as it has a lengthy duration. Stand in the doorway to get a bit of a head start.

  • Rune 2: Run down to the Nornir Chest, dropping down two ledges, and from the Nornir Chest look northeast. This one’s right out in the open.

  • Rune 3: Go through the door to the east and look left to spot this rune gong on a ledge.

Hit all three and you can loot the Nornir Chest and claim your prize.

After reaching the Hafgufa you can continue to the end of the area, where you’ll find a Legendary Chest.

How to Find the Legendary Chest in The Below

The next - and last - collectible in The Below is a Legendary Chest. To find this, you’ll need to progress through the rest of The Below, solving a Hive Puzzle before reaching the Hafgufa. Both of these are covered in greater detail on the linked page.

Once you’ve dealt with the Hafgufa, proceed through the rest of the area until you need to smash a fragile ceiling to advance. Do so and you’ll find yourself in a chamber with this Legendary Chest right out in the open. Loot it to score the Shoulder Straps of Radiance.

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