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God of War: Ragnarok

Casualty of War - The Scroll

Jarrod Garripoli

How to start and complete the Casualty of War - The Scroll favor in The Plains of Vanaheim for God of War Ragnarok.

How to Start Casualty of War - The Scroll Favor in God of War Ragnarok

The Plains is the first area of The Crater, an area you can visit after completing the main quest, Creatures of Prophecy. Once you do, look in Freyr’s Camp to begin the favor, Scent of Survival, which will bring you to The Crater. Drop down into The Plains and head through the dual pillars (one’s broken) to your west. Follow the path downward and across a gap, then use the grapple to get over to the Western Plains. Continue north, ignoring all side paths, until you pass the rock wall with the wind vents.

You will be able to drop down here and encounter a gate with some poison seeping out underneath it. Ignore that and go across from it to find another grapple you can use to cross a gap. Cross the next gap, being mindful of the plants that attack you, and head in the cave on the side. In here, you will find a spirit that will give you this favor.

Speak with the spirit in the cave to begin the favor.

How to Complete Casualty of War - The Scroll

The other half of the scroll you need is located close to the spirit that gave you the favor. In fact, it’s behind that one rock wall with the wind vents, but you only saw two of the vents and need to do a little bit more work to get to the third one. Exit out of the cave with the spirit and climb the nearby wall, which will place you in an area with one of the Celestial Altars. If you peek over the one edge up here, you should see an area that’s inaccessible and being blocked by that rock wall. Of course, you should also see the third wind vent while up here.

Toss a spear the vent, making sure to not detonate it, and return to the front portion of that same wall. You can just backtrack the way you came here, or just kick the metal thing off the ledge by the altar, then drop down. However you do it, after blowing up the wall, drop down into the area to find a purple item you can pick up, which will finish this favor.

You will find the scroll in the same area that you unlock to reach the Legendary Chest in The Plains.

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