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God of War: Ragnarok

The Huntress Boss Fight in Wildwoods

Nathan Garvin

This page will detail how to defeat The Huntress in God of War Ragnarok.

The Huntress is the third and final boss you’ll encounter during the main quest Surviving Fimbulwinter, and while she doesn’t come close to comparing to the god of thunder, you’ll still need to defeat her to continue on.

How to Beat The Huntress in God of War Ragnarok

The Huntress is an agile creature that prefers ranged attacks, using her speed to keep her distance whenever possible and shooting on the run to discourage pursuit. That said, she’s capable of retaliating with a surprisingly persistent lunging attack if pressed in melee. Her ability to shoot quickly and with little warning while gracefully skittering away makes her an elusive foe, although she staggers fairly easily if you do catch her. Defeating her is a matter of fighting fire with fire, but you’ll need to avoid her attacks if you want to launch some effective counterattacks of your own.

(1 of 2) If you get close, The Huntress will perform a lunging hoof strike.

If you get close, The Huntress will perform a lunging hoof strike. (left), The Huntress prefers to keep her distance, and will bolt away, firing arrows to cover her retreat. (right)

All of The Huntress’s Attacks

While The Huntress is fleet of hoof and capable of fending off melee attackers, her primary weapon is her bow, with which she’ll launch explosive arrows. She can fire these off in a variety of ways, firing arrows as she scampers away, two multishot techniques, a series of direct shots, and she can also shoot the ground (usually in a line starting near Kratos and ending near her). Since her arrows are burning, they’ll inflict Burn buildup if they land, and they’re also explosive, meaning near-misses may end up dealing damage after all, and arrows planted in the ground become a persistent hazard.

Below, you’ll find a list of attacks you will see during your fight with The Huntress.

Hoof Lunge

The Huntress has a variety of melee attacks, which involve flailing at encroachers with her front hooves. This includes a charged (yellow ring) lunging attack that will stagger Kratos unless he performs a parry… which you can’t do in this fight, because your shield is broken. Given the tracking on this attack, and The Huntress’s willingness to perform two such attacks in succession, staying nearby can be a bit of a nuisance.

Strafe Shot

Your foe will scamper away from you, firing a barrage of arrows as she goes. Not the most accurate of shots, mind you, but even misses can be a nuisance due to the explosive nature of her ammunition.

(1 of 2) The Huntress can perform two multishots - a targeted vertical multishot,

The Huntress can perform two multishots - a targeted vertical multishot, (left), and an arcing, horizontal multishot. (right)

Vertical Multishot

The Huntress will shoot several arrows in a vertical line at Kratos. Easy to dodge, but rather painful if you take the full brunt of this attack.

Arcing Multishot

Your opponent will aim into the air for a moment before unleashing a horizontal spread of arrows, which arc up before landing at Kratos’s position. If you dodge sideways you’ll probably be caught by one of the arrows (or its blast), so dodge forward, if possible.

(1 of 2) She’ll also fire a series of arrows directly at you,

She’ll also fire a series of arrows directly at you, (left), as well as shooting arrows into the ground, using them as mines. (right)

Arrow Barrage

The bestial bow-woman fires a series of aimed shots at Kratos. Dodge (don’t roll) as you see them coming and you should be fine.

Mine Shot

The Huntress will fire several arrows into the ground, usually starting near Kratos and ending near herself. There’s not much risk of these hitting you directly (unless you walk into their trajectory), but they will linger on the ground a while and explode if you get too close. This is mostly an area denial attack.

(1 of 4) While The Huntress is easy to stagger in melee,

How to Defeat The Huntress

The Huntress is a fast, flighty foe who prefers to keep her distance where she can employ her bow most effectively. She’s not shy about using her hooves to deter foes who invade her personal space, but she’s also capable of shooting at close range and as she retreats. It’s fairly difficult to close the distance and deal meaningful damage with the Leviathan Axe, but the Blades of Chaos have more range, and since she staggers fairly easily it may seem like a good idea to fight aggressively, stay close and try to deny her the comfort of a ranged battle.

That may be a fine idea under ideal circumstances, but at the present your shield is broken, so you really don’t have a good way of dealing with The Huntress’s melee attacks. All things considered, her ranged attacks are arguably easier to dodge at this time, and her weakspot - her horns - are best exploited with ranged attacks of your own. That’s right, it’s an odd situation where you’ll need to fight fire with fire.

Check out the attack descriptions above and dodge The Huntress’s ranged attacks, and whenever she pauses, chuck the Leviathan Axe at her head - no need to get fancy, just use the faster Axe Throw (press the DualSense-L1 button to aim and the DualSense-R1 button to throw) and if you bonk The Huntress’s horns she’ll collapse, staggered for a few moments. This will allow you to charge forward and land a few hits, and when she recovers and scampers away, just repeat the process until you’re victorious.

It’s a simple enough routine on paper, but one you can speed up in various ways. If you find the time to charge Frost Awaken (hold DualSense-ButtonTriangle) while you wait for an opening you can boost your damage output. Also be sure to have Atreus pelt The Huntress with arrows whenever they’re charged. Once her health is low enough you’ll be prompted to press DualSense-R3 to finish your foe off.

When defeated she’ll drop the Winter’s Bite Light Runic Attack for the Leviathan Axe, among other goodies.

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