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God of War: Ragnarok

The Weight of Chains

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for the favor The Weight of Chains in God of War Ragnarok.

After your first visit to Nidavellir during the main quest The Quest for Tyr you’ll ultimately end up sailing into the Bay of Bounty in search of a dwarf named Durlin. There are, however, numerous diversions available, including the favor The Weight of Chains.

(1 of 2) Sail to The Watchtower,

Sail to The Watchtower, (left), and climb up to a sealed door to start this favor. (right)

How to Start The Weight of Chains Favor in Svartalfheim

You can begin this favor by bringing Mimir to a sealed door on The Watchtower, a strip of land that cuts the Bay of Bounty in half - sail north from Nidavellir and you’re bound to run into it. Beach your ship and explore The Watchtower until you find Sindri’s shop, then make your way uphill to the west, where your progress will be impeded by a mound of rocks. Strike an explosive red pot nestled among the rocks to disperse them, then climb the cliff wall behind the rocks. When you reach the top, turn right and approach the sealed door. After Mirmir is done talking, head back towards Sindri’s shop, but turn left (north) to find a boat beached along the northern end of The Watchtower. Get on the boat and row north to find a boat dock on a (currently) unmarked island. Disembark at this dock and the favor The Weight of Chains will officially begin.

To advance this favor you need to find Lyngbakr Island, which is covered in greater details on the aptly named How to Access the Hidden Area Lyngbakr Island, but to summarize you need to:

  • Head uphill and destroy a Wretch Nest.
  • Destroy an explosive red pot to clear some rocks.
  • Climb along a cliff to reach a new area.
  • Destroy another Wretch Nest.
  • Use a wheel to bring the top of a lift level with the ground.
  • Throw the Leviathan Axe at a gear to freeze it in place.
  • Return to the cliff and climb over to the lift.
  • Recall the Leviathan Axe to raise the lift.
  • Look down off the lift and smash a breakable section of floor.
  • Defeat a Bergsra Mother and her brood.
  • Loot a chest to obtain the Watchtower Key.
  • Return to The Watchtower and open the locked door.
  • Sound a drum to discover Lyngbakr Island.

(1 of 3) Kill some Draugr,

How to Remove the Southern Lyngbakr Binding

Sail back north to Lyngbakr Island. Your old dock is now no longer usable, so you’ll need to row east along the Lyngbakr to find another dock. Disembark, then climb a cliff and when you reach the top, kill several Draugr. Gates bar your passage to the north and east, but if you look to the right (south) of the eastern gate you’ll find a passage blocked by rocks. Disperse the troublesome stones by detonating an explosive pot, then continue forward to reach one of the poor Lyngbakr’s tethers.

Interact with the tether and swipe using DualSense-Stick-L, after which the Lyngbakr will raise its fin, exposing a target you can smash with the Leviathan Axe. Do so and you’ll have freed the creature from its southern bindings. Onto the northern bindings.

(1 of 2) Examine a Lore Marker to get the “Regarding the Removal of Resources” entry.

Examine a Lore Marker to get the “Regarding the Removal of Resources” entry. (left), Jump some gaps to reach a platform housing a chest and a Kvasir’s Poems artifact. (right)

How to Remove the Northern Lyngbakr Binding

Backtrack to where you fought the Draugr, then make your way west, jumping across a wooden platform that was previously blocked by stone, now exposed by the Lyngbakr’s thrashings. Once across the gap, follow the wooden walkway and you’ll shortly end up fighting two Nightmares and another Draugr. Kill them, then note the rocks blocking the way west. Can’t do anything about those stones from here, so turn around and climb a chain to the east and turn right (south) to find a Lore marker (Regarding the Removal of Resources). Read it, then climb a wall to the north, turn left (west) and jump a pair of gaps to reach a platform where you’ll find an Artifact (Kvasir’s Poems) and a chest.

(1 of 2) Defeat some more Draugr guarding a chain,

Backtrack east, and climb down the cliff to the south to return to where you found the Lore stone earlier, then jump a gap to the east using your Blades of Chaos. Loot a chest, then cross a bridge to the north to reach another platform, where you’ll have to dispatch a pair of Nightmares and a pair of Draugr. Defeat them, kick a chain down to the north, descend said chain, then head west to find the second tether.

You’ll get rid of this one the same way as the last one - first cut with your Blades of Chaos, then smash a target with the Leviathan Axe. Don’t let your guard down, however, as the Lyngbakr’s movements will once again dislodge some rocks, this time revealing a Wretch Nest. Destroy it and it’ll reveal a cocooned Fire Bomb pot, a device that spawns an endless supply of explosive Fire Bombs, which you’ll need to clear the way forward.

(1 of 3) Use a Fire Bomb to clear some rocks,

How to Reach the Boat Dock Near the Lyngbakr’s Tail

First head south and open a gate to open up a shortcut to where you fought the Draugr earlier, then grab a Fire Bomb from the Fire Bomb pot. These won’t explode no matter how long you hold them, so you don’t need to worry about being quick, but you can climb while holding a Fire Bomb, so you’re somewhat limited in where you can travel with a Fire Bomb in hand.

With a Fire Bomb in hand, go through the now-open gate to the south to where you first fought several Draugr on this island, then jump the gap to the west and follow the wooden walkway to where you encountered a Draugr and two Nightmares. Turn left (west) to find some rocks, which you can destroy with the Fire Bomb. Do so, then use the Blades of Chaos to jump the gap and reach a chest.

Search a wall to the north to find a hole you can crawl through. This leads to a wooden platform housing another, more humble chest. Loot it, then, while standing in front of the chest, turn west to find one of Odin’s Ravens sitting right out in the open. Use the Leviathan Axe to teach it not to snoop, then backtrack to the Fire Bomb pot.

(1 of 2) Use two more Fire Bombs to clear a pile of rocks near the Fire Bomb dispenser,

Use two more Fire Bombs to clear a pile of rocks near the Fire Bomb dispenser, (left), then make a bit of a throw to clear the rocks covering a boat dock near the Lyngbakr’s tail. (right)

Grab another Fire Bomb, then backtrack east to a wooden platform, at which point turn south to find some rocks across a gap. Introduce them to your Fire Bomb to clear the way, then jump across to find another chest. Loot it, then turn right (southeast) and drop off a ledge to find a rock-covered dock below you. Backtrack to the Fire Bomb pot, grab a third Fire Bomb, return to the ledge overlooking the dock, then use your Fire Bomb to destroy the rocks on the dock.

You can now access the boat dock along the northeastern end of the Lyngbakr, from which you can hopefully reach the beast’s tail. Get back in your boat and sail there now.

(1 of 2) Defeat numerous enemies, including Draugr, Grims and Nightmares,

Defeat numerous enemies, including Draugr, Grims and Nightmares, (left), then backtrack to get a Fire Bomb, which you can use to gain access to a chest. (right)

How to Remove the Lyngbakr Tail Binding

When you land, climb up until you reach a platform occupied by several Draugr. Kill them and they’ll be supplanted by Grims and Nightmares. When your enemies are all smote, note some rocks covering a chest to the south. Jump a gap to the west and open a gate to create a shortcut back to the central section of the Lyngbakr Island. Continue back to the Fire Bomb pot and grab a Fire Bomb, then return to the gap leading back to the Lyngbakr’s tail region. Aim at the rocks covering the chest to the southeast (or rather, a bit above it) and you should be able to strike the rocks and free the chest.

(1 of 4) Destroy the tail tether,

Loot the chest, then climb a ledge to the east and destroy the third tether… at least the first part of it. The chain on the tail is obscured by the tail itself, so slide down a rope to reach some land flanking the tail, loot a Legendary Chest, then throw the Leviathan Axe at the target on the tail chain.

Open a door to the north with the Blades of Chaos, slide down a chain to the west, then row over to the Lyngbakr’s head… specifically its southern eye. Interact with the Lyngbakr and Mimir will learn a sad lesson about beasts being bound too long. After completing this favor you will unlock the Making Amends trophy.

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