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God of War: Ragnarok

How to Get Lunda's Armor Set

Nathan Garvin

This page will tell you everything you need to know about Lunda’s armor set in God of War Ragnarok, including where to find all three pieces of this armor set, its stats, and the best builds involving it.

During the main quest The Reckoning you’ll be introduced to the rather licentious dwarf, Lunda. After the aforementioned main quest you’ll be free to explore the western half of Vanaheim, notably its riverlands, where you can find the three pieces of this armor set stashed in various chests. These armor pieces have seen better days, and you’ll need to bring them to Lunda for repairs before you can actually use them:

Broken Repaired Location Effect
Lunda’s Broken Bracers Lunda’s Lost Bracers Cliffside Ruins Melee Attacks against Poisoned enemies do +20% increase damage.
Lunda’s Broken Belt Lunda’s Lost Belt Noatun’s Garden Melee Attacks against Poisoned enemies do +20% increase damage.
Lunda’s Broken Cuirass Lunda’s Lost Cuirass The Veiled Passage Bare-Handed attacks, Parrying, and Blocking have a High LUCK chance to deal bonus damage and Poison enemies, lowering their Power Level.

That said, you don’t need to expend any resources to bring this broken armor into a usable state, and each piece is Lv5, so it’s likely to be more powerful than whatever you’re wearing, stats aside.

Search the upper reaches of the Cliffside Ruins to find Lunda’s Broken Bracers.

Where to Find Lunda’s Broken Bracers

You can find Lunda’s Broken Bracers at the Cliffside Ruins. Land at the beach and defeat the Revenant and her retinue of Nightmares, then from the beach head south to find some ruins you can climb to the east. When you reach the top, turn northeast, head under some ruins, then turn left (north) to find a room full of bursting plants. Pop them from a distance, then loot the chest inside to obtain this armor piece.

(1 of 2) At Noatun’s Garden, use the chisel to break a seal,

At Noatun’s Garden, use the chisel to break a seal, (left), then loot a chest to score Lunda’s Broken Belt. (right)

Where to Find Lunda’s Lost Belt

Lunda’s Lost Belt can be found in the Noatun’s Garden area. Kill the Gulons and Gradungr when you land, then make your way east to a chisel-seal between the poison of two Scorn Poles. Since Freya enchanted your chisel you should be able to open the seal - and the door beyond - to find a chest. This armor piece is inside.

Search behind a boulder at The Veiled Passage to find Lunda’s Lost Cuirass.

Where to Find Lunda’s Lost Cuirass

Sail to The Veiled Passage, which requires you to solve a bramble puzzle at the Cliffside Ruins to lower a chain, after which you can climb up and - with Freya’s help - open the way. There are two beaches you can land at that count as part of The Veiled Passage - skip the first to the right (east) and keep sailing north to land at the second beach. Continue north past a rock to find a chest in an alcove, where you’ll find a chest containing this armor piece.

Best Lunda’s Armor Build

Once you’ve found all three pieces of Lunda’s armor, repair it by taking it to Brok/Sindri and you’ll be able to equip it. At a base Lv5 it’ll probably be stronger than anything else you have when you get it, but the real allure of this armor is its stats:

  • Vanir Poison: Bare-Handed attacks, Parrying, and Blocking have a High LUCK chance to deal bonus damage and Poison enemies, lowering their Power Level.

  • Prey Upon Poison: Melee Attacks against Poisoned enemies do +20% increase damage.

The utility and synergy of these two attacks should be pretty obvious - you hit enemies with your fists to inflict Poison (in many cases, a few strikes should suffice) and the enemy’s Power Level will be reduced, making your foe much less dangerous. The belt and bracers, meanwhile, will both boost your damage against poisoned enemies by +20%. Inflict Poison and you can switch to another weapon to enjoy the damage boost, but the duration of your Poison debuff won’t last long, so don’t expect to get more than one combo out. Still, the damage you can inflict in a short time can be awfully impressive.

In addition to inflicting Poison, unarmed strikes also inflict a high amount of Stun. If you pair Lunda’s armor with Vanaheim enchantments (Increases Kratos’ Melee damage against Status-Afflicted enemies based on his LUCK) and Svartalfheim enchantments (Increases Stun damage inflicted based on Kratos’ DEFENSE) you’ll further increase the Stun damage and normal damage as you attack enemies. Equip Leviathan Axe grips, Blade attachments and Spear attachments that proc bonus effects when you Stun Grab enemies and you’ll have a decent stun damage/stun grab/poison synergy build going.

This build excels against most enemies in the game, especially weaker foes and minibosses. Against the strongest enemies in the game, foes who are resistant to stun damage, and flighty enemies you can’t chain decent combos on, however, you may want to seek a different build. That said, Lunda’s armor and the aforementioned enchantments and accessories will easily get you through most of the game.

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